Shimano Showcases Ten Custom Bikes With Stunning Silver GRX Limited


Shimano Showcases Ten Custom Bikes With Stunning Silver GRX Limited

At this year’s Unbound, Shimano will be unveiling its new GRX Limited group, which offers silver components for drop bar and flat bar GRX kits. It’s been a while since a big brand offered up a brand new, high-end group in silver, so as you might have guessed, we’re stoked to share this news with you.

To commemorate this special moment, Shimano pinged ten framebuilders to showcase this new kit, so let’s look at each of the builders’ creations below…

English Cycles: Steel Construction (Cottage Grove, Washington, United States)

Speedvagen: Steel Construction (Portland, Oregon, United States)

Mosaic Cycles: Titanium Construction (Boulder, Colorado, United States)

Low Bicycles: Aluminum Construction (San Francisco, California, United States)

Firefly Bicycles: Titanium Construction (Boston, Massachusetts, United States)

Chumba: Steel Construction (Austin, Texas, United States)

Mariposa Bicycles: Steel Construction (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Seven Cycles: Titanium Construction (Watertown, Massachusetts, United States)

Enigma Bikes: Titanium Construction (Hailsham, United Kingdom)

Angel Cycle Works: Titanium Construction (A Coruña, Galicia, Spain)

If you’re going to Unbound, be sure to swing through the Shimano booth to see these beauts in person! Roll on over to Shimano to see pricing on the new GRX Limited group!