Bicycle Crumbs Reviews: Ripton & Co. Men’s Diesel Overalls


Bicycle Crumbs Reviews: Ripton & Co. Men’s Diesel Overalls

Next up in Richard Pool’s (aka Bicycle Crumbs) review series, he takes a look at the Ripton & Co. Diesel Overalls that have become a popular cold-weather apparel choice for cyclists, skiers, and many other #performancedenim people. Continue reading below to find out what all the hype is about!

For a cyclist I’m a bigger rider, usually hovering in a range of 190-215 lb range, depending on how fit I am any given year. I’m also six feet tall on the dot. Most “cycling brands” don’t really cater well to my body shape. Which, like a lot of bodies, is unique. This often leaves me super apprehensive to buy any cycling or cycling-adjacent apparel. It also explains why I pick up multiple sets of the same item once I find something that works. All of this had me feeling exponentially wary of  overalls made for cyclists.

Ripton & Co.

Ripton is a spunky little brand born on the ski slopes near Aspen and now based in Boulder, CO (lycra capital of the U.S.), that preaches the performance denim gospel because “life should always be more of a dance than a race.” Their products include jorts, vests, denim jackets and, of course, the overalls that first piqued my curiosity.


After consulting Ripton’s sizing charts, I determined I was between sizes and elected to go with the XL. I almost always size up given this industry. When they arrived I found the chart to be pretty dang accurate. The XL were a little long but, once cuffed, they worked perfectly length-wise. The upper  and torso section was also a good fit, with some extra room to wear a sweater under the straps. I did have to tighten the straps up a bit. The buckles are a composite that is quick and easy to operate, but I do wonder if they might be the weak point of the design. I’ve been wearing these for months now and they are holding up quite well. The fit was pretty damn great and that got me excited.

A Stretchy, Soft Staple

I went from not knowing if I would like them or be able to pull them off, to wearing them all of the time. They quickly became a staple of my limited wardrobe. It’s for one simple reason, they are just so damn stretchy, soft, and comfortable. There is no scenario that I can imagine where these overalls would be limiting in terms of mobility. Riding bikes, skating, snowboarding, doing yard work—seriously they seem perfect for everything, even if you sit at a desk most of the day like I do. The Diesel overalls are 66% cotton, 32.5% Repreve Sorbtek® Polyester, and 1.5% Spandex. They feature a larger chest zipper pocket and smaller sections where I often carry my pocket knife and a sharpie.

In terms of critique, the only thing I can mention is the very top chest section can bow out a bit. But this may be a product of being slightly between sizes. Overall I’m stoked to have another brand in the Crumbs Rolodex where I have confidence in the fit and product quality. The Ripton Diesel Overalls are available now for pre-order in most sizes for $149 with XL and XXL in stock now.


The Diesel Overalls by Ripton retail for $149 at Ripton & Co.