Ride in Peace, Ewen Gellie, Australian Framebuilder


Ride in Peace, Ewen Gellie, Australian Framebuilder

Photo by Andy White

Ewen Gellie, an icon of the Australian framebuilding community and early MTB scene has passed, far too soon at just 53; a suspected heart failure.

Ewen was instrumental in celebrating the custom frame building scene in Australia, he engaged with Andy White of FYXO to hold the first Australian Custom Bike Show in 2012, and both the show and framebuilding community have strengthened since. Always one to share his wealth of wisdom, from engineering, ecology, riding technical features – to tricks for setting up brake calipers, and everything in between.

The Gellie legacy lives on through his steel creations.

Tailwinds and wheelies, Ewen!

Ewen Gellie
15 Oct 1968 – 9 Mar 2022

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