Readers’ Rides: Lyle Wiens’ Self-Built Super Big Road Bike


Readers’ Rides: Lyle Wiens’ Self-Built Super Big Road Bike

Read the comments here enough and any time we post a new bike from a brand, someone will complain that the largest size won’t fit them. It sucks. Being really tall, and being really short for that matter means it’s hard to find a bike that will fit you. As such, those two polarizing ends of the spectrum are a real challenge for framebuilders. Lyle Wiens is a relatively new builder. He calls himself a “hobby builder”, who is based in Manitoba, Canada. He’s built about 30 frames and he got into it because he couldn’t find a bike that fit him properly at 6’8″ and 235 lbs… Sound familiar? Check out this super rad Readers’ Rides below!

Let’s let Lyle take it away with this one!

The biggest features are the dropped chainstays to allow for 700x55mm tires and the 215mm cranks. At first glance, the bike doesn’t look that strange – all the proportions are right. It looks almost like it has 650b tires. It took me a few tries to make a bike for a really tall rider that didn’t have a massive (300mm) headtube and a really slack DT angle. By using a longer fork, I was able to steepen the DT angle and keep the HT length in check. The result is a “normal” looking bike. The cranks require a high BB so, that also keeps the ST short – adding to the “normal” aesthetic.

I like the look of dropped chainstays…that’s the only reason I did that. I gained some clearance at the chainrings to boot.

The bars are Nitto Noodles that I chopped and extended (Rick Hunter-inspired).

I mostly used Columbus tubing (Thermlx ST, and straight gauge 4130 DT) for the frame, Velocity Cliffhanger rims, Rene Herse Antelope Hill tires. Andel 215mm cranks, Thomson post and stem, Ultegra groupset, Homemade wide Nitto noodle bars, SP dynamo hub with Supernova front and rear lights, F206/R180 rotors with TRP Spyres for stopping power.

Thanks so much, Lyle! For this very unique Readers’ Rides!

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