Readers’ Rides: Justin’s Moots Psychlo-X


Readers’ Rides: Justin’s Moots Psychlo-X

A few years back, we would post the bikes from the readers of this site, in a feature dubbed Readers’ Rides. Well, we’ve been getting a bunch of inquiries over the years as to if or when we’re bringing these posts back and the answer is yes! They will be cut and dry, down and dirty, cell phone style photos. As you can imagine, this will open the torrent of submissions, so hold tight until I can set up a new email address for this next week.

After yesterday’s OysterBar post, the designer of the bar shared his Moots and a little back story. I thought it was a perfect seque into relaunching this fun feature…

It’s not all beautiful – it has a tower of spacers and an ugly funky seat. But it does have some things going for it, some details:

2003 Moots Psychlo-X
– Frame modified by Ti Cycles for:
– 650b x 47 with fenders / around 2″ without fenders OR 700 x 35 w/f / 700 x 43 w/o fender
– disc tabs
– S&S couplers
– cable guides

Custom made steel fork by Norther Cycles in Portland, low-trail disc brake with a dynamo hub, and an OysterBar prototype.

I got on eBay in 2010. It’s been my workhorse ever since. I ride it 25 miles round trip daily as my commuter, have taken it touring, bikepacking, centuries, gravel, whatever.