Radar Roundup: SQlab Sponsors Bespoke, Allied Alfa is Reborn, Ripton Goes Full-Length Denim, Rose Bikes Hobo, Gecko Pavé, and Feedback Range Click Torque Wrench


Radar Roundup: SQlab Sponsors Bespoke, Allied Alfa is Reborn, Ripton Goes Full-Length Denim, Rose Bikes Hobo, Gecko Pavé, and Feedback Range Click Torque Wrench

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

BESPOKED Custom Bicycle Show is Coming to Germany: SQlab to Support Builders

BESPOKED is coming to Dresden, Germany, in 2023, 13th-16th of October, after being hosted in the UK for the last 11 years. SQlab is offering all exhibitors free components for their custom builds, and the chance to win a dedicated SQlab Award.

BESPOKED is Europe’s largest annual exhibition of custom bikes, celebrating, elevating, and contributing to the sustainability of frame building by showcasing some of the most outstanding and exciting work in the cycling industry.

SQlab, specialist for ergonomics and rider-bike touch points like saddles, grips, bars, pedals, … is supporting BESPOKED and the European custom frame builder scene the second year in a row.

When, where:
Date: October 13-15th, 2023,
Location: Dresden Airport, 3rd Floor of the Main Terminal, Flughafenstraße, 01109 Dresden, Germany
Opening times: Friday 2-6pm, Sat. 10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-4pm
Exhibitors:: 93 builders have registered already,
but registration is still open & new builders are joining each week: https://bespoked.cc/exhibitor-registration/

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The All New Allied Alfa Disc Road

Bentonville, AR carbon manufacturer, Allied, just announced the all-new Alfa road racing bike. The ALFA is a pure, balanced racing bike, equal parts aerodynamics, and lightweight. Every ounce of carbon on this bike frame is manufactured in Allied’s facilities.

Alfa framesets will have an MSRP of $5,500 USD, while complete bikes will begin at $8,225.00 USD. More information is available at Allied.

See John’s review of the Allied Alfa in our Archives:

Carbon Artistry and the Allied Alfa Disc All-Road Bike

Ripton Goes Full Denim for Men and Women

Is this de-evolution? Ripton began with Jorts. Jorts began by chopping the legs off of jeans to let our gams breathe. And now, Ripton is making jeans? Ripton Classic Jeans are the next chapter in a story that spans from cowboys to hippies. The Boulder-based brand poured performance denim technology into a vintage vessel for men and women, announcing its new lineup this morning.



See the full JEANS lineup at Ripton.

Rose Bikes Hobo Integrated Rack Bike €1,599-€2,999.00

The almighty basket bike gets a makeover by the designers at Rose Bikes. The Hobo is a commuter/all-rounder with an integrated rack/basket that mounts directly to the headtube. The steel frame has bosses for bottles, bags, or cargo accouterment. The three completes shown above represent a Deore build spec for €1,599, GRX for €1,799, and eTap AXS for €2,999.

Roll on over to Rose Bikes to check out more.

Arundel Gecko Pavé Bar Tape $32.95

Gecko Pavé is a fabric and EVA foam base bar tape, topped with a layer of printed silicone. Applying a thin layer of silicone made it possible to for Arundel to produce a bar tape that is of similar weight to the brand’s popular Gecko Grip, while retaining the grippiness and overall feel of a pure silicone tape.

Available in: Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Grey, Pink, Green, Orange & Powder Blue, at your local dealer.

See more at Arundel.

Feedback Sports Range Click Torque Wrench $120

Carry your torque wrench anywhere with the all new Feedback Sports’ Range Click Torque Wrench. This wrench set utilizes solid, tactile click-torque function, a wide measurement range, user-friendly ergonomics, and shop-quality fit and finish. With 13, high precision S2 tool steel bits and a protective, compact, and weather-resistant TPU foldup style case, this tool is a perfect companion for safe, secure repairs in the shop or on the go.

Check out more at Feedback Sports.




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Photo by @johnprolly

John just wrapped up a four day tour on the CDT in Northern New Mexico. We’ve got a story on the way next week but wanted to share this vignette…

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