Radar Roundup: Sim Works RAL x Product of Bob Scales x Russ Pope, FYXO X Crumpler Bags for Melburn Roobaix, ERGON Recyclable SR Allroad Saddle, Clear Aeropress, Carradice Saddle Bag Rack, MTB Iceland, and For the Love of Dirt: McCall


Radar Roundup: Sim Works RAL x Product of Bob Scales x Russ Pope, FYXO X Crumpler Bags for Melburn Roobaix, ERGON Recyclable SR Allroad Saddle, Clear Aeropress, Carradice Saddle Bag Rack, MTB Iceland, and For the Love of Dirt: McCall

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Sim Works RAL x Product of Bob Scales x Russ Pope Collection

SimWorks finds themselves in the fortunate position of collaborating with friends a good deal of the time on projects that they find compelling, and that serve to highlight the creative work of all parties involved. That emphasis on collaborative work is woven into the fabric of who they are as a company, and it’s conveyed through the bulk of the products that they sell.

These products comprise a small collection of lifestyle goods celebrating a collaborative effort between RAL, and our friends Bob Scales, and Russ Pope.

Find a special edition WB Loader, water bottle collection, and bandana at Simworks.

FYXO x Crumpler Limited Edition Bags for Melburn Roobaix $166 USD

Two icons of Melbourne are teaming up to make Limited Edition bags for the world’s biggest alleycat – Melburn Roobaix! You can check out our coverage of the event here and from 10 years ago when John was down under here.

Made by hand, designed by FYXO, and sewn in the Crumpler Bag Shop.   All numbered, signed and with the famous Crumpler LIFETIME warranty.

Only 50 will be made – order now at FYXO.

ERGON SR Allroad Core Circular Saddle

The SR Allroad Core Circular takes all of ERGON’s focuses in material recycling and waste avoidance to be the first proof of concept in ERGON’s “GreenLab Circular” program. All components of this new saddle can be returned to the material cycle at the end of its service life. this feat of engineering is achieved through collaboration with ERGON’s team and BASF’s plastics and coatings expertise, creating new possibilities for sustainability and production of bicycle accessories in the future.

The celebrated design of the SR Allroad Core saddle with CORE HD® technology has a unique construction with an “Ergonomic Core” made from BASF Infinergy®. For this new proof of concept, all plastic parts of the SR Allroad Core Circular belong to a family of BASF polyurethanes and therefore can be recycled in one piece. The saddle rails are made of stainless steel (Tinox) and can be removed by hand. Color pigments and a surface coating have been dispensed with – this is how the “undyed” look is created and keeps a high quality to the recyclate. As a robust top layer, NovaCoat-D from BASF serves as a sustainable alternative to a conventional cover.

Since 2010, Ergon has been committed to environmental protection with its GreenLab initiative and specifically to bringing more sustainable products onto the market. Now the Koblenz-based ergonomics specialist has expanded this program and launched its new sustainability program “GreenLab Circular”, which now also includes other products, such as the new GXR grip and more will follow.

See more at Ergon.

Aeropress Comes in Clear Made from Tritan Plastic $49.95

John’s been using an Aeropress since 2006 around when the brand first came out. It was a large leap for the brand, best known at the time for its Aerobie frisbee but it revolutionized the home and travel coffee game. Take it on the airplane with you for travel, or on your bike tour, or to a coffee outside meetup. It brews a great coffee, resulting in a cup somewhere in between a French press and a shot of espresso.

The brand just announced a new Aeropress made from crystal clear, shatterproof Tritan that looks as great as it performs.

See more at Aeropress.

Classic Saddle Bag Rack 36,45

The new Classic Rack by Carradice is based on a vintage bike touring design that has been re-engineered to allow it to securely fit Brooks, Rivet and similar saddles with metal bag loops. You can even use a Hobopieces Restuvus in lieu of these loops. In keeping with Carradice’s ethos, the new Classic Saddlebag Rack is manufactured entirely in Lancashire by one of our trusted suppliers.

The rack detaches in seconds, just unclip the security strap and lift the rack up. You can use the top bar of the rack as a convenient carry handle when nipping in to the café.

See more at Carradice.




The Rise of Iceland’s Mountain Bike Scene

The passion and enthusiasm of the Icelandic mountain biking community is truly contagious. Despite facing significant challenges such as limited resources and environmental restrictions, these riders and trail builders continue to work tirelessly to create more mountain biking opportunities.



For The Love Of Dirt: Meet McCall

McCall, Idaho is a must-ride for mountain bikers of all types. See the trails and meet local riders in this episode of our For the Love of Dirt film series.

You can follow Lael on her 2023 Tour Divide journey at Trackleaders.




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