Radar Roundup: Silver Stallion Fundraiser Devo, Amigo Frameworks 3Rensho Lug Track Bike, 3T Extrema Italia, POC Calyx, Bagman Universal Bar Rack, Nivex Derailleurs Are Here, and Change Your Bars, Change Your Life


Radar Roundup: Silver Stallion Fundraiser Devo, Amigo Frameworks 3Rensho Lug Track Bike, 3T Extrema Italia, POC Calyx, Bagman Universal Bar Rack, Nivex Derailleurs Are Here, and Change Your Bars, Change Your Life

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Silver Stallion Bicycle and Coffee Works Devo Support

Gallup, New Mexico-based Silver Stallion Bicycle and Coffee Works just kicked off fundraising efforts to raise money for its DEVO team. Your funds will go to support after-school, coach-mentored DEVO rides and skills clinics throughout the Navajo Nation. Every cent raised goes directly to these efforts, helping DEVO riders learn not only fundamental cycling skills but life-long healthy habits, enabling these riders to excel in the modern world.

Simply text “STALLIONDEVO” to 707070 on your phone to be sent a prompt for contributing to this cause!

See what Silver Stallion is all about in our Reportage:
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Amigo Frameworks 3Rensho Aero Track Bike

We caught the latest frame to leave the Amigo Frameworks shop on Instagram and reached out to Zach for the full scoop:

“This was a fun challenge of trying to create something unique within the confines of lug construction, and I’m pretty proud of what I’ve crafted here. I started this project when Josh came to visit my shop and on a whim, I started brazing the bottom bracket. I created large fillets to accentuate the gothic webbing of the 3Rensho lugs and then filed them until my fingers couldn’t stand it. Once I did those my mind started running with ideas. I then built the matching quill stem with hand-carved lugs a machined quill and topped with a 3D Printed logo cap.”

“I wanted to use a Samson Aero crown and these straight blade forks I saw once in the CeeWay catalog. However, they dont make that crown with an offset to allow for straight blades so I went about designing and 3D Printing one. Then I found out those fork blades are discontinued. Undiscouraged I did some forum querying and traced down a pair with their corresponding cast dropouts in Australia. The “beefy” chainstays are another way I wanted to distinguish the rear end. They are straight 22.2mm tubes that I used a forming die I machined to ovalize the tube to give me clearance for the cranks without dimpling.”

“Those stays are then connected to 3D printed lugs that lock-in to the laser cut track dropouts I modeled after an homage to the 3Rensho “Super End” track dropouts. Finally, I found some Columbus Aero stays that I joined via fast back style and laser cut a bridge to match the bottom brackets chainstay reinforcement. I wanted to showcase the bike raw before paint. All the craft marks are present, it’s far from perfect but you can see the toil that will be eventually hidden by paint.”

This bike is FOR SALE. It is 1 of 1, and Zach will not be making anything remotely like this again. If you are interested, please send Zach a note of serious inquiries only via the Amigo Frameworks Instagram DM or email zach.small@amigoframeworks.com.

Note: Zach would like to sell it with a paint job by @ciclipucci. As he will really put a bow on it.

See our Reportage from Amigo Frameworks in our archives:
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3T’s All New Made in Italy Extrema Italia is Designed for Touring and Fast Bikepacking Races

Over the past few years, 3T has been developing its in-house production and its latest creation is the embodiment of this feat. The Extrema has been fine-tuned for speed and all-day comfort. This makes it the ideal choice for multiday tours to bikepacking races and adventures on the toughest terrain. Comfort, traction and speed in equal measures.

3Touring geometry offers a comfortable yet efficient road-inspired position with very agile handling despite the large tires. And large they are, up to 29”/700c with 57mm WAM (width as measured). This ensures you have enough tire volume to tackle tough terrain with confidence and control.

So the Extrema is capable of responding well even on the most technical terrain, allowing to stay on the bike where you otherwise would have had to climb off for the dreaded hike-a-bike. At the same time it allows going fast when the terrain eases off.

Built with a threaded bottom bracket, a UDH dropout for SRAM Transmission, dropper post compatible, and more. See the full Extrema Italia at 3T.

POC’s New Multisport Calyx Helmet

Available in either lightweight carbon fiber ($350) or standard plastic ($250), the new Calyx helmet from POC is the jack-of-all outdoor trades with design features focusing on cycling, mountaineering, and snow sports. Meeting strict safety standards across three different categories of tests, the helmet is ventilated, lightweight and highly durable, wherever you choose to use it.

With deep ventilation channels for optimal airflow and adjustable vent openings on the top of the helmet, it’s easy to control airflow for optimum comfort in a wide range of weather conditions. Fabric coverings over the front and rear channels allow air to enter the helmet without giving windchill.

The low-profile helmet takes inspiration from both our ski and cycling heritage to create a truly multi-discipline helmet. Highly packable, it features soft earpads that can either be folded into the helmet or easily removed: ideal on hotter days or if cycling or mountaineering.

Check out the Calyx and Calyx Carbon at POC.

Carradice Bagman Universal Bar Rack $64.09

If you’re using a top flap bag on your off-road tourer, it was inspired by Carradice, who has been making bags for touring since 1932. The brand has long had a rear bag support but it just announced a Universal Bar Rack support for front handlebar-mounted bags. So if you have a Ron’s Bikes Fab’s Chest, or a BXB Piccolo, or any of the other top-flap bags on the market, it looks like this new Carradice Bagman Universal Bar Rack will work for ya!

The mount can be flipped up or down, depending on bag mounting needed with 16mm or 22mm of bag drop.

This lightweight minimalist design protects your bike and cables from damage while supporting your bag away from the front wheel. Weighing in at only 375g but with a weight limit of 6kg , the rack does not require any special fittings or straps and can fit 25.4mm and 31.8mm diameter handlebars, the two most common sizes.

Made in the UK and in stock now at Carradice.

Rene Herse’s Proprietary Nivex Derailleurs Are Here

If you recall, a few months ago, Rene Herse shook the internet for a few days with the announcement that it was developing a new derailleur that looked like it came from the 1940s constructeur era in France. The Nivex Derailleurs use a proprietary frame mount and a special Desmodromic shifter and purportedly offer instantaneous and smooth shifting. They require a special mount to be brazed or tigged to your chainstay, inches from the classic rear dropout I.e., you’ve got to build a bike (or modify one) around this system!

We can feel your eyes rolling back, but this sort of niche ingenuity is really awesome to see. Rather than simply copying a 1980s Suntour MounTech or 1970s Huret Duopar derailleur, knowing there are plenty of those still in existance, Rene Herse went out and developed something totally new.

Read their deep dive at the Rene Herse blog, where you can read about all the requisites for installing one on a bike.



Rad Bazaar Finds

We love seeing the support for our Rad Bazaar, a service we host for Group Ride members. For now, you can read all about how to sign up for the Group Ride and Rad Bazaar here.

Custom Disc GT Zaskar LE (Large, 21″) + Crust Bikes Clydesdale Fork $1222.22

This bike has a custom rear disc mount that was fabricated by the previous owner. Works great.

Does not come with giant basket, but ride down enough alleys in a commercial area and you’re bound to find one.

Sweet, custom rig with the hard-to-procure Crust fork. Trade in your car for this bad mama jama today! Sun has faded the cages and grips a bit since this photoshoot just a heads up.

Pickup in Tucson, or ship at your expense. Make me an offer!

Speedvagen East Butte Racer $5000

Speedvagen East Butte Racer Size Small, Carbon Bars, 172.5 Easton Cranks, 38:20 Gearing, Matching Silca Pump, Generator Hub and Light, Brooks B17 Cambium Saddle. Great bike, love riding it, but after having them custom fit a cross bike, i think i might have them do a re-do of this bike. I’m 5′-11″ this bike should work if you’re 5′-5 – 5′-6″

Masi Special Randonneur $500

’m selling my 58cm Masi Speciale Randonneur. This is a 2017 steel frame all-road/gravel bike, and it’s in great condition. The bike has a SRAM 10 speed drivetrain and Spyre disc breaks. It also has a Velo Orange saddle, and Simworks Homage tires.. price is $500 plus shipping. US Shipping only. Shipping will be between $75-$150 depending on destination.




3T Extrema Italia – Extreme Tires, Tough Races, Fast Adventures

The new 3T Extrema Italia is here and is ready for you to push hard on the trails in racing mode, having fun downhill, or leaving for your next adventure. Guaranteed by Tolo (and Pancho).



Change Your Bars, Change Your Life

Changing your handlebars is an affordable and fun way to completely refresh the look and feel of your bike! In this episode, we’re swapping out the Granola-Moose Bars for Nouveau Randonneur Bars, mounting the new Microshift Sword 2×10 drivetrain, and going on a first ride to see how it all feels.

Check out our review of Microshift Sword in our archives:
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Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @johnprolly

We’re not gonna lie, it’s nice to have this view from our backyard. Fall and winter in the Southern Rockies is something special.

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