Radar Roundup: Revelate Nano Panniers, Sim Works Doppo Restock, C Line Brompton, Rat King RIP Rack on Sale, TPC Memorial Day Sale, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, Don’t Stop Now, Bikepacking Scotland – The Book, and Ditching Your Car in LA for 30 Days


Radar Roundup: Revelate Nano Panniers, Sim Works Doppo Restock, C Line Brompton, Rat King RIP Rack on Sale, TPC Memorial Day Sale, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, Don’t Stop Now, Bikepacking Scotland – The Book, and Ditching Your Car in LA for 30 Days

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Revelate Nano Panniers $250

When you need the cargo capacity that a rack provides, but need something that won’t get in your way when the going gets rowdy, Nano Panniers are the ticket. At only 4″ wide the load stays tight to the bike on singletrack and will not get in your way on those nasty hike-a-bikes. An external compression system keeps the bag snug at various load levels.

The devil is in the details on our rack attachment system. Although simple in concept, the tight spacing between the aluminum loop and strap prevents slop at the pannier rails. A bomber Voile nano strap with metal hardware provides tension at the bottom and gives versatility in mounting.

Fiberglass stiffened high density foam frame sheet gives the bag internal structure and works with the external compression system to transfer load to the rack. Made with 200 denier UHMWPE / Polyester woven laminated fabric, the Nanos have a minimum of seams for durability and water resistance, plus double taped lower seams.

Think of these bags as frame bag supplements that stay on your bike; designed to carry dense and heavy stuff like food, water, and fuel with a low profile form. With a bikepacking mindset you still put your bulky, high water sensitive items like clothing, sleeping and shelter gear in a waterproof handle bar setup, seat pack, or on top of the rack deck.

Note: These panniers are not compatieble with “T” style racks. They lack the load capacity and means for a lower attachment.

Weight: Pair: 18 oz / 510 gm

Volume: 7-11 L Each side; 420-680 cubic inches each side

Materials: Challenge Sailcloth 200 denier UHMWPE / Polyester woven with PET film lamination

See more at Revelate.

Sim Works Doppo Frame and Fork Back in Stock $2,099

Presented by Simworks, this all-terrain bike frame- an update of the original and badge defining model within the Doppo line, was created based on a blueprint with the concept of “walking alone.” Let your rides unfold as chapters in your novel life adventure. Be it long and winding ribbons of tarmac and gravel, or your favorite singletrack or forgotten two-track. Offer yourself the tools you need to have the memorable experiences and discoveries awaiting you.

The Doppo is designed by Sim Works and built by Shin Fabrication. See more at Sim Works.

Brompton Archive Edition $2150

Celebrating the making of the one-millionth Brompton, Brompton proudly present the Brompton Archive Edition—1,000 special edition bikes inspired by our founder and the community of owners that got us here. The brand delved into its archives to revive three unmistakable Brompton colors: Apple Green, Baby Pink and Arctic Blue. Each bike is designed around the original Mk1 specification – expertly engineered by Andrew Ritchie in 1975 to be a useful tool in the city and beyond.

See more at Brompton.

Rat King RIP Racks On Sale $225.00 $215.00

The Rip Rack Features custom machined hardware to secure the Wald 137, Wald 137 half, or Wald 139 Half Baskets along its three strongest rails. Mounting hardware is secured via M5 screws that thread into threaded eyelets integral to the rack platform. Our mounting hardware makes installation a breeze and requires no more than a set of allen keys and wrench. No fiddling with hose clamps or zip ties! The basket can be removed and reattached simply in under a couple minutes – making it the perfect candidate for a modular setup.

Whether you’re going on a grocery run or looking for a front bag support, The RIP Rack will get you there.

The Rip Rack is designed to mount to mid fork eyelets and at the fork crown. M5 bolts are provided for fork braze ons as well as an M6 for a fork crown pass through bolt.

These unique and beautiful racks are now on sale, at $215 at Rat King Frames.



TPC Memorial Day Sale with Savings Up to 70% Off

TPC’s Start of Season Sale is in full swing with everything from complete bikes, to frames, parts, accessories, and apparel all marked down. Roll on over to TPC to see the savings!




Monte: Can’t stop. Won’t stop

As a high schooler in the public-housing projects of Richmond, Virginia’s East End, Monte Cosby felt his future was limited—until mountain bikes offered him a different route forward. In the years since the bike has served as the bridge between two different worlds and a vehicle to overcome the struggles along the way.



Don’t Stop Now – the Traka 360

Always smiling, no matter what odds are up against her, Lydia Iglesias is the youngest rider on the Café du Cycliste Gravel Team. The Spaniard – who works as a nurse when not competing on the bike – still has a long way to travel in her cycling career, we think. And this girl just keeps going, her marvellous engine is matched with a never-say-die spirit. Last year she won the prestigious La Traka in the 200km category. This year she went for the longer course of 360km, a distance she’s never ridden in one hit.



Bikepacking Scotland – The Book

You can find out more at https://bikepackingscotland.com/books/



I Quit My Car for 30 Days, Here’s What Happened

Mitch Boyer’s parents had a 1990s Specialized Hardrock lying around so he turned it into the perfect errand bike for Los Angeles. Now 30 days later, he has some thoughts.



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