Radar Roundup: PINE Pre-Order, Send It Safely ESI Chunky Grips, Hunt Proven MTB, KONA ESD in Black Metal, Bohemian Border Bash, Supporting Ukraine: One Ride Away, and A Rip in the Rockies


Radar Roundup: PINE Pre-Order, Send It Safely ESI Chunky Grips, Hunt Proven MTB, KONA ESD in Black Metal, Bohemian Border Bash, Supporting Ukraine: One Ride Away, and A Rip in the Rockies

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Pine Cycles Pre-Order is Open

Pine Cycles is starting out the new year with a pre-order of their versatile RASA frameset. Pre-Order is officially open with expected production completion by early March 2023. The frameset includes the RASA frame, USA-made Allied carbon fork or USA-made steel fork, and USA-made White Industries custom headset. Retail price starts at $2,100 + shipping. Pine Cycles is also happy to announce they are now offering completes and can work with each customer to offer a build catered to their specific needs. Complete prices start at $4,300.


  • Columbus Zona Tubing, Front & Rear Triangle
  • Custom 1 ¼” Headtube
  • Custom White Industries EC37 / 28.6 | EC37 / 33 Headset
  • Allied Cycles Carbon Disk Fork
  • Tire clearance 700×35, 650×48, 26×2.3
  • 3 Sets of Bottle Bosses
  • Optional USA made steel fork
  • Pine x Lichen RASA dropouts with optional insets:
  • 12×142 Flat Mount / Disc Brake
  • 130×10 Quick Release / Rim Brake
  • 135×10 Horizontal Track / Rim / No Brake

See more at Pine Cycles.

Send it Safely ESI Chunky Grips $30

Our buddies down in ABQ just announced a fun new collaboration with US-grip maker legends ESI. These Chunky grips are engraved with the Send it Safely logo, in US Forest Service typeface, come in black or tan and are shipping today from Send it Safely.

Hunt Wheels Proven Carbon MTB Collection

Proven is an entirely new range of carbon fiber mountain bike wheel systems, developed in-house by HUNT engineers and tested by sponsored athletes and talented riders over the past two racing seasons. The Proven story began just as Hunt’s original carbon fiber mountain wheelset launched. The HUNT All Mountain Carbon H_IMPACT (AMC) represented years of testing and development, but that development didn’t end when AMC hit the market.

Intending to create an updated AMC V2, Hunt engineers pushed onward, testing new rim profiles, increased internal widths, and new carbon layups. They developed and tested various wheel tunes isolating requirements for a front wheel, separate from requirements to the rear. Through a combination of impact testing, deflection measurements, and athlete feedback, they realized the new rim profile could be tuned to suit specific disciplines and offer unique ride characteristics. This was when Proven was brought to life.   See more of the Proven range at Hunt.

Kona ESD Comes in Black (Metal)

Grab your bullet belts, denim vests, and throw on the new Fellwinter LP; the Kona ESD now comes in BLACK. The cult-favorite ESD, or extra slack dude/dudette, came out in 2020 and sent ripples through Kona’s dealer network. Local shops couldn’t keep them in stock. Well, for 2023, the bike is back with a Marzocchi Bomber Z1 fork with 150mm of travel, strong 4-piston brakes, grippy Maxxis rubber, and a headtube badge that will scare your children at night.

See more at Kona.

2023 Bohemian Border Bash Event in Aragon, Spain

The Bohemian Border Bash has grown into an international gravel event that’s not-to-be-missed. It draws cyclists from around Europe and beyond to hang out in its infamous Gravel Camp and ride together in the beautiful Czech & Saxon-Switzerland National Parks that straddle the German/Czech border. In 2023, The Bash will celebrate its fifth Bohemian birthday and continue its border-bashing antics in Aragon, Spain this April 20-23.

Almost 1000 years ago King Sancho Ramirez of Aragon built Montearagón Castle in the foothills of the Pyrenees, overlooking the city of Huesca in order to retake it from the Arab dynasty controlling the lower plateau. The King of Aragon hoped to redraw the borders once again, but alas, they would continue to ebb and flow for the next millennia. So, in our spirit of “Ignoring Borders” that have been fought over for too long, the border bash is hosting its first event in Spain, in the shadow of Montearagón’s walls.

The Border Bash Aragon Gravel Camp is not a race, rather it’s a collection of several welcoming mixed-surface rides, designed around being adaptable to each rider’s individual strength, skill, and perseverance, as a prequel to food and fun times back at camp. Head over to BorderBash.cc for all the details, and to sneak a peek at the routes on offer.



EF Education—Easy Post Presents “One Ride Away” a Film Highlighting Support for Young Ukrainian Riders

“When the young Ukrainian bike racers fled their country after the Russian invasion, they had to leave nearly everything behind. Last fall, Lachlan Morton and Mark Padun went to Poland to help deliver bikes to the riders Lachlan met after his ride to the Ukrainian border in 2022. A bike won’t fix everything, but it offers a piece of normalcy and a vehicle to pursue their sporting dreams. ‘I believe this support is going to change their lives,’ said Mark Padun, who also had to leave his home in Donetsk at a young age as a result of a Russian attack. ‘They have the possibility to do whatever they want in cycling.’ A huge thank you to the Polish Cycling Federation, Mark, Lachlan, Cannondale and all those who support those affected by the war.”



A Rip in the Rockies

Clock out of work, load up the bike, and escape to the mountains…



Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Illustration by @homagecyclingart

When it comes to the early 1990s, there are few cantilever brakes more iconic than the Suntour XC Pro gold. Coveted by mechanics for their fine-tunability, these brakes are iconic on any 1990s build. The later generations came with their own adjustment wrench.

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