Radar Roundup: Bicycle Nomad Collection, Lachy CTR, BagsXBird, Patagonia Bikes, the Whole Process, and Trophy Cup Returns!


Radar Roundup: Bicycle Nomad Collection, Lachy CTR, BagsXBird, Patagonia Bikes, the Whole Process, and Trophy Cup Returns!

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Cadence Bicycle Nomad Collection

To commemorate Bicycle Nomad’s Buffalo Soldiers ride, Cadence kitted Erick out with jerseys, both long and short, and cargo bib shorts. The entire collection features Bicycle Nomad insignia with a geometric landscape topography design. The lighter jersey color is to keep the rider cool in hot weather and the cargo bibs hold extra touring or riding items.

Check out the full drop at Cadence!

Lachlan Morton Sets New Record (u) on the Colorado Trail Race

Lachlan Morton wrapped up his Colorado Trail ride in remembrance of his Friend Sule Kangangi on September 10 around 2:30am local time. So far, he’s raised $12,307.80 for Sule’s family. His total time of 3 days 10 hours 15 minutes (u) is the fastest recorded time on the venerable route. EF Pro Cycling has a great website pulled together showcasing Lachlan’s journey with lots of photos from the CT. Roll on over to EF Pro Cycling check this epic feat out!

(u) is designated as unofficial since the CTR has yet to accept Lachlan’s time…

BagsXBird New Stock of Piccolo Large Bags $220

A smaller sibling to the Goldback with an updated design, the Piccolo Short Flap is BXB’s take on a mid-capacity transverse handlebar and saddle bag. It comes in two sizes; small & large with 10.5L and 13.5L main compartments, exactly 14 and 18 750 mL bottles of wine respectively, plus the two side pockets for meats, cheeses and other antipasti! While we call it a short-flap, rest assured its lid is amply sized for tightening down an overflowing bag. It has a dowel at the base of the bag to prevent it from folding over the head tube or, on the rear, keep it away from the back of the thighs when used with foam spacers. The bag is meant to be run rack-less though can easily work with small rack platforms.

Right now, BagsXBird has a handful of Large Piccolo bags in stock and shipping now!

Check out more at BagsXBird!

Patagonia Bikes Opens

Behind the Patagonia Lumber Company is a little shack that now contains Patagonia Bikes. The shop’s intent is to offer up parts, service, repairs, and guided bike tours of the area. The latter is offered as day trips or multi-day outings. The next time you’re in Southern Arizona, be sure to roll through Patagonia Bikes.



Sour Bicycles: The Whole Process

Sour takes us for a look at the genesis of one of their bikes in this sweet video!



Portland Trophy Cup 2022 Race 1 Recap-ish

Portland’s Trophy Cup has been on haitus due to Covid yet last week saw a rebirth of the night of racin’! Trophy Cup is probably the best thing you could be doing on a Tuesday night. Definitely the most fun you’ll have at a bike race this year. This year the party starts on September 6 and continues on Tuesdays through October 11.

See more at Trophy Cup!


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Illustration by @kook.grin.media

What an illustration! Dillen is on the mend and is now in a physical therapy center to learn how to live without his foot. Stay tuned for more…

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