Radar Roundup: Tuloy Ang Laban Collection, 853 Cotic Escapade, Flat Top King Cage, ENVE Ride-Lifestyle, AirBell, Wizard Works and Raeburn, and Win Every Ride


Radar Roundup: Tuloy Ang Laban Collection, 853 Cotic Escapade, Flat Top King Cage, ENVE Ride-Lifestyle, AirBell, Wizard Works and Raeburn, and Win Every Ride

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Cadence Tuloy Ang Laban Collection

Cadence recently pinged Filipino artist DJ JAVIER to design an extensive capsule collection featuring lycra and lifestyle pieces. 10% of the proceeds from the Tuloy Ang Laban collection will go to Bikes for the Philippines, a nonprofit focusing on providing bikes for underprivileged folks in the Philippines.

Check out the full line at Cadence.

853 Limited Edition Cotic Escapade £999

New for 2022, Cotic built limited edition Reynolds 853 steel Escapade gravel bikes after much demand from their customers. This will be one-batch-only; when they’re gone, they’re gone! This one-off run of frames uses all the tricks of the Reynolds and Cotic toolboxes – things like DZB down tube and Ovalform top tube – to create a supple and super strong front end to the bike. A touch lighter than the regular Escapade, around 70 grams depending on size, these 853 frames boast another level of compliance and comfort. These frames will be available in Lichen and Damson colours, with a matte finish.

See more at Cotic.

King Cage Flat Top Cages $26/66

We love Klean Kanteens but hate the way they fit, or lack thereof, in our King Cages. After many requests, Ron and the Durango-based team developed a “flat top” cage design, allowing for a variety of bottles to be stored within them. These are available in stainless and titanium cages now from King Cage.

ENVE Ride-Lifestyle Clothing for Men and Women

Taking cues from various cycling brands who have moved into lifestyle apparel, component and frame manufacturer ENVE has launched its Ride-Lifestyle clothing line featuring both riding and leisure wear for men and women. There are a lot of excellent items in this collection, with our top picks shown above. Check out the full collection at ENVE.

AirBell® Bicycle Bell for Apple AirTag $18.99

Whoa whoa whoa. Out of all the AirTag holers on the market for bicycle security, this one might take the cake. With the holidays coming up, expect a rise in bike theft. This is an option for all looking for a bit more security and peace of mind. Unfortunately, it’s only available from Amazon

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Wizard Works x RÆBURN

What started as a peeler suit became a collection of highly limited Wizard Works × RÆBURN bags; a trio of cycle-ready styles designed to fit a VanMoof, but with all cyclists in mind.

A peeler suit, a coverall garment used by civil responders and the police, is built from an exceptionally strong three-layer fabric. A compact-weave outer layer is backed with a breathable membrane and a blend of Kevlar. Such robust construction ensures the garment is waterproof, fire-retardant, tear, cut and abrasion-resistant. In short, ready for almost anything.

A single peeler suit generates a total of 17 bags, each meticulously crafted in London by the highly skilled team at Wizard Works. These RÆMADE bags embody the spirit of reinvention, innovation and most certainly collaboration, themes both brands heartily embrace.

The peeler suit is an artefact that features in a series of upcycled garments that live within RÆBURN’s AW22 collection. It has the potential for a wealth of second lives – a potential recognised by RÆBURN Creative Director, Christopher Raeburn, and ultimately shared with first-time collaborators, Wizard Works, in late summer of 2022.

This collaboration is the sum of two like-minded businesses expressing their skill with intent; investing their time and expertise to build supremely fit-for-purpose products. The designs are underpinned by a desire to create responsibly, with minimal waste, delivering a truly enduring product with distinct utilitarian value.

See more at Raeburn.



Win Every Ride

Not every ride is a race, but every ride can teach you something. There’s potential in every pedal stroke, knowledge resting in the places you visit, power in the community around you. The hard days, the bad days, the crashes, and the setbacks, they often teach you the most. The good days are keepsakes from cycling that never fade.


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @johnprolly

John just finished up his “final” vintage Ritchey build and this photo of the OG MountainBikes store decal on the Ukai gold rims is just the icing on this fillet brazed cake…

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