Radar Roundup: Ritchey WCS GX Gravel Wheelset, Cybercycles Cranks, 13mm Voile Rack Straps, Tumbleweed Shirts, 4130 Olive Drab, Bicycle Nomad on VICE News, The Trails Before Us, Path Less Paved


Radar Roundup: Ritchey WCS GX Gravel Wheelset, Cybercycles Cranks, 13mm Voile Rack Straps, Tumbleweed Shirts, 4130 Olive Drab, Bicycle Nomad on VICE News, The Trails Before Us, Path Less Paved

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Ritchey WCS Zeta GX Wheels $599

Directly inspired by the reliability and top performance of the original Ritchey Zeta wheels, the new WCS Zeta GX wheelset is designed to shine in the gravel. These hand-built wheels are tubeless-ready and feature the new WCS hub with sealed bearings, and center-lock rotor mounts – with the rear hub housing a precise Ratchet Driver system with 360-degree, 36-point engagement. The rims offer a wide 25mm inner diameter, so they’ll nicely fit wider tires for gravel, and they’re laced with 28 sturdy spokes.

See more at Ritchey!

Cyber Cranks: Made in Germany Steel Cranks

Perhaps you saw these from Petor’s excellent Eurobike coverage for The Radavist? Cyber cranks are designed to complete your custom steel rig. With straight and slim lines, they fit traditional mountain, road, and gravel frames. High-grade CrMo steel and custom-drawn crank profile for the best strength to weight ratio. This crankset is designed and handmade in Germany by cycling enthusiasts and professionals just as you are.

Limited series available in October 2022.


  • Integrated HT2 24mm spindle
  • 68mm and 73mm bottom brackets
  • SRAM 3-bolt direct mount
  • Optional 110mm or 104mm spider
  • 8mm allen key to assemble and extract
  • Spring loaded bearings
  • 465g incl. all hardware
  • Q-Factor: 174mm (length 175mm)
  • Custom lengths between 160-190mm
  • 5 stock colors – custom paint on request

See more at Cyber Cranks.

Voile Straps 13mm Rack Straps $17-18

Like an adjustable bungee cord, but infinitely better. Voile Straps Rack Straps are incredibly durable, compact, and versatile. They are virtually oblivious to heat, cold, moisture, and UV light. In short: Voile Straps thrive in adversity. Now with a 13mm tubing profile clip, these new Rack Straps will work on racks with bigger rails. See more at Voile.

Tumbleweed by Jess Mudgett T Shirt $30

Tumbleweed has some new goods rolling down the line, including this new T shirt design featuring artwork by artist Jess Mudgett. Jess’ art is printed on Next Level shirts, and screen printed 100 feet from Tumbleweed’s world HQ by Mysto Screenprinting. This is the artwork from Tumbleweed’s new shop mural, and if you come by the shop wearing this shirt the team will make you a free espresso!

See more at Tumbleweed.

State Bicycle Co 4130 All Road Flat Bar in Olive Drab $899.99

State’s 4130 All Road model just got a flat bar cockpit and a new, fresh matte olive drab paint job. It’s no wonder why these bikes are so popular, and with a flat bar and new paint, we anticipate these will sell quite well for the brand. Check out more at State Bicycle Co.



Bicycle Nomad’s Dignity and Truth Project on VICE News

Dexter Thomas from VICE News caught up with Erick Cedeño (aka Bicycle Nomad) as he departed Missoula, MT to retrace the historic 1897 Buffalo Soldiers expedition to St. Louis, MO. The episode aired on VICE TV last week, but you can watch it now on YouTube.


The Trails Before Us

The Trails Before Us follows 17-year-old Nigel James, a Diné mountain biker, as he hosts the first Enduro race in the Navajo Nation. Through revitalizing old sheep and livestock trails on his grandparents’ land, Nigel and a new generation of riders honor the connection to their land, community, and culture.


The Path Less Paved

Coming from Ocate, New Mexico, the latest Path Less Paved shows us how an open-mind can help us find common ground in the unlikeliest of places. It’s this mindset that led lifetime cyclist Alex Morgan to gravel riding, and how he leads a fulfilling—if unconventional—life where the plains meet the mountains.

Alex isn’t limited by the restrictive definitions of a single discipline. Whether it’s experimenting by building his own downhill frames complete with 29” wheels ahead of the curve, or working less so he can ride more; Alex won’t be confined by social norms.


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo via @johnprolly

#NoBikesNoLikes Nature inspires over here at The Radavist, and John’s entered the birding phase of his life with a hummingbird photo series, including this Rufuous hummingbird.

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