Radar Roundup: Act Quick – Chris King Tampers are in Stock!, Fairlight Secan 2.5 Monochrome, Wolf Tooth T-Type, Peace Sports Cycling Caps, Aeropress XL, Common Ground with Ted and Henry, Whiskey Run Trails, and Talking Bikes and Skateboarding


Radar Roundup: Act Quick – Chris King Tampers are in Stock!, Fairlight Secan 2.5 Monochrome, Wolf Tooth T-Type, Peace Sports Cycling Caps, Aeropress XL, Common Ground with Ted and Henry, Whiskey Run Trails, and Talking Bikes and Skateboarding

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Chris King Tampers are Back in Stock $150

Chris King Precision Components has a rich history of celebrating the union between bicycles and coffee. This is showcased in passion projects like the highly sought-after King espresso drinkware sets and the revered King espresso tamper. The tamper, known for its comfort, balance, and weight, has gained a reputation among professional baristas.

King proudly announces a fresh batch of tampers, available now at ChrisKing.com while supplies last.

Fairlight Cycles Monochrome Secan 2.5

Take everything you love about the Fairlight Cycles Secan 2.5 (and everything Morgan loved about it in his review) and make it monochrome. That’s right, no color, just tones here. These popular do-it-all frames just got more subdued in this tonal frameset offering.

The Monochrome Secan 2.5 is a limited run, so roll on over to Fairlight Cycles to peep the PDF booklet.

If you live in the EU, Fairlight now offers its bikes duty free!

Wolf Tooth Digs Into T-Type

For the users of SRAM’s T-Type system, component manufacturer Wolf Tooth recently released Direct Mount Chainrings for SRAM 8-Bolt Cranks. These utilize Wolf Tooth’s patented Drop-Stop B tooth profile that is optimized for SRAM Transmission T-Type chains. They also have a 3mm offset that is necessary for SRAM’s new 8-bolt MTB cranks to maintain that 55mm chainline.

What Wolf Tooth is lauding this week is its Drop-Stop B Direct Mount Chainrings for SRAM 3-Bolt Cranks. This mounting method was the previous standard for SRAM MTB cranks that a few other crank manufacturers also used. If you have one of SRAM’s MTB Wide cranks, all you need is the 3mm-offset version of the new Drop-Stop B ring, and you’re Transmission-ready. If your current 3-bolt crank isn’t the new MTB Wide configuration, Wolf Tooth still has you covered. To achieve Transmission’s crucial 55mm chainline, there’s a 0mm offset ring in production right now that will be hitting shelves in early August. If you’re not sure which crank configuration you have, Wolf Tooth has a handy guide to walk you through it.

The reason for the excitement surrounding these is that they allow riders to use their existing cranks with new SRAM tech. This means they can save not just money but also weight. With the updated GX arms, the shift to alloy on XO, and the inclusion of bash guards, T-Type cranks are trending heavier than the previous generation. These chainrings with a 3mm offset are in stock in a few sizes now at Wolf Tooth.

Last but not least, the CAMO System also received an update with the Drop-Stop B tooth profile optimized for SRAM Transmission T-Type. The CAMO System is the brand’s unique product line that pairs a spider for a specific crank direct mount with a universal CAMO chainring that works with all CAMO spiders. Wolf Tooth has spiders for the 3-bolt direct mount in 0mm and 3mm offsets, as well as plenty of CAMO chainrings with the Drop-Stop B tooth profile.

Check out Wolf Tooth’s full guide to its T-Type line for more insight. Kudos to the brand for pushing MUSA manufacturing!

Peace Sports Cycling Caps $19.99

Peace Sports is a small company focused on promoting peace through cycling, and these cycling caps have a bigger agenda. 100% of the profits from these caps will be given to people hit by cars or to buy helmets for those in need.


  • 100% RFSO HiTek Fabric
  • Moisture Management Technology
  • ChillFit Elastic Circular Sweatband
  • Printed with Peaceful Action Graphics
  • Size: One Size Fits Most

Roll on over to Peace Sports to see more.

AeroPress Coffee Maker – XL $69.95

The best on-the-bike coffee maker, the Aeropress, just got bigger. Now with double the capacity, these new XL Aeropress makers include a 20 oz carafe ($24.95 USD value) made of crystal-clear shatterproof Tritan™.

3-in-1 brew technology combines the best of several brew methods into one easy to use, very portable device. No more average joe from fancy, expensive machines. Smooth, rich, grit-free coffee with a delicious, full-bodied finish that lingers well after your last sip.

Compact, durable and lightweight so you can pack it in your bag and take it on the road.

See more at Aeropress.




Rapha MTB | Common Ground with Teddy Jaramillo & Henry Lanman

Rapha just profiled Santa Fe’s most productive bromance, Ted and Henry. These two are the founders of Rocket Ramps and are trail builders in town. Their latest public trail is Chips and Salsa, which John profiled last fall.

Peep the full story at Rapha. Also, more DnB in edits, plz!



Whiskey Run Trails, Oregon – A Little Drive for Big Adventure

Welcome to Whiskey Run Mountain Bike Trails on the Southern Oregon Coast. 32 miles of single track with your name all over them await, right between scenic Bandon and Coos Bay, above the most beautiful stretch of coast imaginable. Learn more at whiskeyruntrails.com. Or just come out and ride!



Talking Bikes and Skateboarding with Filmmaker Terry Barentsen

Terry is a filmmaker based in New York who makes a video series called “Hotline” where he chases bikers through crowded streets, weaving through pedestrians, traffic, and any other unexpected obstacles that pop up along the route. His videos have a skate video quality to them, reminiscent of GX1000 videos or an old Tommy Guerrero part, where the subject maneuvers through an unpredictable environment in perfectly chaotic style.




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