Radar Roundup: Abbey Tools Truing Stand, ORNOT Lightweight Jerseys, FUNN Python Pedals, SQlab 611 Infinergy Saddle, Brooks Migration Saddle, Pic du Midi de Bigorre, and Rod Steward Manufacturing


Radar Roundup: Abbey Tools Truing Stand, ORNOT Lightweight Jerseys, FUNN Python Pedals, SQlab 611 Infinergy Saddle, Brooks Migration Saddle, Pic du Midi de Bigorre, and Rod Steward Manufacturing

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Abbey Bike Tools Truing Stand $1,450

There’s a truing stand, and then there is the truing stand. What’s long been a bike shop staple isn’t always the most glamorous tool in the shop; in fact, it’s usually a pretty basic device. But the work that comes off the truing stand is often the thing bike shop heroes are made from, the legendary perfectly built wheel. So what if we revisit the lowly truing stand and approach it like a piece of metrology equipment instead of something that does little more than hold a wheel? There are so many ways to ‘hack’ a truing stand; if you’re going to make a proper tool, why not go all out?

I mean, this is Abbey Tools we’re talking about!

The brand’s newest announcement is a MUSA Truing Stand with lots of bells and whistles:

  • Igus drive components for nearly maintence free operation.
  • Linear rails for smooth movement of the uprights.
  • Lateral indicators ride on sealed cartridge bearings for smooth operation.
  • Indicators operate on a push pull motion so they are always mirrored from centerline.
  • The radial indicator can be positioned wherever you like or used for single sided lateral truing if desired.
  • Compatible with hub widths from 70 to 220 millimeters
  • Lateral indicators are compatible with rim widths from 15 to 65 millimeters. The single indicator can work with any rim width if additional compatibility is needed.
  • Rotor indicator can accommodate rotor sizes from 120 to 210 millimeters. Rotor truing mount can also accommodate a dial indicator if desired.
  • Compatible with traditional QR and bolt on hubs with axle diameters up to 14mm. Wheels can also be bolted into the open dropout plates for added wheel security which is recommended for internally geared hubs and hub based motor systems.
  • Optional Mitutoyo analog indicators for enhanced accuracy.
  • Optional Islandix Instruments quantitative truing system.

Check out the full breakdown at Abbey Tools.


ORNOT Lightweight Work Jerseys for Men and Women $98

Beat the heat with our Lightweight Work Jersey, a perfect blend of performance and value. Crafted from Italian-milled, recycled open-knit mesh, it excels in breathability and quick drying. The bluesign®-approved fabric, made from 100% recycled content, saves eight bottles per jersey from ending up in a landfill. Its minimalist approach covers all the essentials – three back pockets, dyed fabric, and quality YKK zippers. Specifically designed for hot weather cycling, you can get straight to work on hot days.


  • Highly wicking, Fast drying, and made for hot weather.
  • Constructed with 100% bluesign®-approved Recycled fabric.
  • Open-knit mesh fabric wicks and dries quickly.
  • YKK Recycled nylon zipper.
  • 8 plastic bottles recycled per jersey.
  • 3 rear pockets.
  • Rear reflective detailing.
  • Made in Tunisia

See more at ORNOT.

SQLab 611 Infinergy Ergowave Active 2.1 Carbon $259.99

Available in August but at Eurobike this year at the SQlab booth, the 611 Infinergy Ergowave Active 2.1 Carbon (quite the mouthful!) saddle is made in Germany and is designed to suit the requirements for all-mountain and enduro riding. The Infinergy® material is robust and lifts comfort to a new level, especially on rough terrain, thanks to its faster rebound characteristics. Think of it like a flexy springboard that won’t leave your taint bruised at the end of a long day.


  • Made in Germany
  • Only foreign part: Swissmade Carbon Rails (new, semi automized manufacturing process)
  • Using BASF Infinergy material, with outstanding damping & rebound characteristics
  • All in the proven 611 Ergowave shape with active 2.1 technology (the 611 has been SQlab’s first and most popular MTB saddle, first version launched back in 2005)
  • Coming in 5 different sizes (13 to 17cm effective sitting area)
  • Unisex (like all SQlab saddles)

See more at SQlab.

FUNN Python Pedals

Crafted with an ultra-sleek and thin profile, Python Pedals glide effortlessly across diverse terrains, offering precise control and unparalleled stability. Meticulously forged from durable AL6061 alloy, these pedals exemplify exceptional strength, guaranteeing reliability and longevity on your rides.


  • Ultra thin and lightweight AL6061 forged pedal body
  • Cartridge bearing with full length bushing axle system
  • 11 removable pins each side
  • Optional long pins for enhanced grip (Sold separately)
  • Platform size: W103mm x L110mm x H10.5mm
  • 375g per pair
  • Color Options: Black / Red / Blue / Grey / Orange / Turquoise

See more at FUNN.

Brooks Special Edition Migration Gravel Race C17 Cambium Saddle $200

As riders set out on the epic four-day adventure across the Maasai Mara that is the Migration Gravel Race, the team at Brooks England are inviting supporters from around the world to celebrate the event’s spirit in colourful style with their latest limited-edition saddle: the C17 Special Migration Gravel Race.

Constructed with a warm, rust-coloured organic cotton fabric inspired by Kenya’s clay roads, vulcanised to a natural-rubber top in deep green, a hue drawn directly from the Maasai Mara’s verdant, rich vegetation, the brand’s latest Cambium saddle doesn’t just look the adventurous part. It packs the right performance, comfort, and support to carry riders far, no matter how challenging the terrain beneath their tires.

If you’re diggin’ this earth tone C17, act quick as they’re limited to 150 pieces worldwide! Scoop now at Brooks.



Pic du Midi de Bigorre

Forever peacefully watching over the legendary Col du Tourmalet, the ascent to the 2,877m summit of Pic du Midi de Bigorre in the French Pyrénées is a whole otherworldly experience.


The “Rod Steward” Manufacturing Process

Here’s a look at the production of the “Rod Steward” – a bag support I designed around the popular (and supreme!) Ron’s Bikes Fab’s chest.




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