Product Shout Out: Steve Potts 33oz Bottles


Product Shout Out: Steve Potts 33oz Bottles

Sometimes we find a product that improves the quality of our rides yet is so simple that it doesn’t merit a thorough review, and for those products, we’ve got our Product Shout Out.

If you find yourself with a full suspension mountain bike, or any bike for that matter, with only a single bottle cage, then check out these nifty 33oz Steve Potts water bottles made by SOMA in the USA. I’ve been using this bottle for a while now and it’s proven to be a worthy companion for my upper mountain and back country rides. I’ll pair it with a trail water filter; it’ll be more than enough for an afternoon ride. What’s nice about these bottles, versus other similar products, is the indention around the middle of the bottle, allowing a cage to grab onto it. I use a Voile strap for extra security on the rowdy stuff. These bottles are BPA free, feature the Steve Potts Logo, and retail for $14 a piece.

I bought mine from Sincere Cycles here in Santa Fe but you can pick one up at the Steve Potts Webshop. As for the Radavist Rune Voile straps, those are in stock at our Webshop.