Outlier Workwear Week


Outlier Workwear Week


Abe and Tyler are hustlin’ at full speed. I gotta hand it to Outlier, they produce some fine clothing. I’ve worn these pants for about two weeks now and have been caught in the rain a few days. Their pants stayed bone dry. Even in the pouring rain.

When it’s below 40 degrees, I wear my leg tights underneath and I stay warm, but not hot. The finish of the pants feels like Dickies on the outside, but is soft on the interior. They fit about the same as the Dickies work pants, but as I said, are water-resistant, stain-resistant and they don’t stink like ass after riding in them for a week.

Some people do the wine test, but I spilled a good amount of Budweiser on them recently and it just ran right off! Not to mention coffee, while riding one-handed to work from Gimme! in the morning.

Here’s some news ahead of the jump! Stay tuned all week as I update their drops!

An Outlier product is not your typical garment. We strive to make what we call future classics, garments that don’t just last a season but instead work for decades. That means we are always in action, always tweaking cuts and experimenting with fabrics, always striving towards producing the perfect garments.

The experimental drop is a series of extremely limited production runs of the garments we expect to be producing full on a few months down the line. It’s for the people who want to be ahead of the curve, who want to taste the future before the rest of the world knows it exists.

These are garments that are deep into our development process, we are pretty damn sure they are amazing, but we still want to test a bit more before we can give them that Outlier “future classic” seal of approval. With this series we are giving you a way in on the newness before the rest of the world is ready.

For the next four days we will be releasing one garment a day, each of which we have produced just 10 garments, give or take a few depending on the fabric.

TODAY we will be releasing a version of our OG Pant in a new Workwear fabric. The exterior is a tough canvas, the inside a soft fleece. This is the durable one, its got a high abrasion resistance, and Lotus treatment so that dirt and grease rolls off when exposed to water. It breathes great, is highly water resistant and dries fast. Available in a dark blueish gray.

If you’re in NYC, you can pick these up at Affinity Cycles and Chari & Co!