Nutmeg Nor’Easter 2020 Information


Nutmeg Nor’Easter 2020 Information

Ronnie and Namz from have just announced the details for the Nor’Easter 2020. How does one throw an event in a Pandemic? Well… they have that figured out:

“This year is a hard one for more reasons than the human brain can comprehend— therefore, the way we will be conducting this event is a little different from years past.
First and foremost we seek to avoid any sort of large group congregation in any place that might funnel folks together. Our plan to prevent this is to have no specific event space as we have in the past; and sadly no Pizza truck from Fire in the Kitchen. You wanna eat food, you gotta bring it and make it yourself. You wanna drink beer—- same thing. You wanna poop—- dig a hole in the woods and have at it, etc.”

Head to to RSVP for the event and read more about this event!