Philly Bike Expo 2018: Crust Nor’Easter with MicroSHIFT 12-Speed Eagle

A cross between Evasion and Romancer, the Crust Bikes Nor’Easter is a low-trail bike, with a slightly shorter rear end than the Romeo. It’s a 1-1/8″, 1x specific bike, with internal routing. The Nor’Easter comes in 4 sizes, with the two largest rolling on either 27.5+ or 29, and 26+ or 27.5 on smaller two sizes. This beautiful color pictured is not the final color unless you all express just how much you love it.

The beauty of this specific build is that it utilizes the new MicroSHIFT, all-new 12-speed “Eagle” barcon. That and those Swift Industries bags!


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