JP Weigle Bikes: The Impeccable Randonneur Bike

Next week, we’re going to peer into the workshop of JP Weigle, but we’re going to share his bike first, as an introduction to those who might not be aware of who the hell Mr. Weigle is, what he’s known for, and just how stunning his bikes are. Take some time and really mull over these photos because the work of Peter Weigle is second to none!

There were so many bikes at Peter’s worthy of being shot, but there was something about this particular bike that I just kept going back to. It was the cleanest, but for some reason felt like it was the most loved. I could’ve shot the bike that Jan Heine reviewed in 2017 for Bicycle Quarterly, but there was just something about this very blue bike that had me going crazy.

After Liz and Peter broke their long conversation while I photographed his space, I apologized to Peter, because he already had so many amazing bikes outside of the workspace, but I knew I needed to shoot the one bike inside. Peter then told me that was his personal bike, the bike he rides, and everything clicked. He then told me a few stories of group rides he’d been on in the area riding it, and the people who understood it the most were the people from the Nor’easter rides. He even told me of some head to head action with a some of the fast cats from Belmar Bike Shop up in New Jersey. From what I hear, Peter really lays down the rubber while cranking away at this thing, so I knew it was the right bike and I think y’all will agree as soon as you see it! I mean…look at that grip placement, I always wondered where Ronnie Romance got it from.

I’m guessing this bike has had hundreds of hours of work put into it, and it doesn’t just show in the craftsmanship of the frame and fork. This thing is absolutely perfect all the way down from the bar wrap and grips, to the stem, shifters, brakes, chainrings, back up to the saddle, then to the pump, and on to the beautiful fender lines, wing nuts, and leather washers that are just the icing on the cake!

While this bike may look simple from afar, once you get close, prepare for your mind to be blown, I know mine was.

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