2018 NAHBS: J. P. Weigle Concours de Machines Randonneur

You know what I love about this bike? It’s been out there, getting dirty and living it up in the randonneuring trenches. It was built for the Concours de Machines, which you can read all about at Jan Heine’s blog. This competition is used to determine the best lightweight randonneuring bike and adheres to very strict rules. While this feat may sound intimidating, for Peter Weigle, it’s just another day in the shop. You see, Weigle is a master of his craft and it’s the details you can’t see that make his bikes so extraordinary. His construction techniques are second to none and his bikes are meant to get ridden, not to be hung on a wall in someone’s personal bicycle gallery. A Weigle wants to live its life to the fullest and luckily for the owners of his bicycles, the pleasure is shared between the two. To top it off, this bike, as shown here weighs 20lbs (9.1kg) on the nose and can be broken down easily to “Rinko Parts,” or the Japanese method of breaking down bikes for train travel.

25 responses to “2018 NAHBS: J. P. Weigle Concours de Machines Randonneur”

  1. séamuis says:

    I remember reading the article on this beautiful machine. Just my kind of bike! Absolutely beautiful.

    • John Watson says:

      I was gonna say, your opinions and aesthetic tastes are in line with the randonneuring building realm. :-)

      • séamuis says:

        Cheers for being spot on mate. But I’ve never owned a proper example or done a true randonee. I’d like to change both of those. Closest thing I’ve ever done was the IoW Randonee, which isn’t an actual competition and I did it on a borrowed bike. But I think the Randonneur is the epitome of bicycle beauty meets purpose. This bike is a perfect example of that. I’m a classic guy, what can I say. I appreciate all the randonneur beauty you’ve documented for us!

  2. Richard Sachs says:

    Beautiful –

    • John Watson says:

      Missed you at the show, ATMO. Trying to work out details for French Fender Day with Weigle. Maybe we’ll come by your shop after?

      • Richard Sachs says:

        If we’re not at some UCI CX event that weekend then, sure let’s do it.

  3. bicyclecrumbs says:

    Im not one for nahbs awards but hot damn did this should have won all of them…

  4. Jan Heine says:

    Seeing your beautiful photos make me miss this bike even more. Truth is, it rides even better than it looks!

  5. Big Jänet Romance says:

    the finest bicycle to ever grace your bandwidth. this is what heavily pleated dockers look like in 2 wheel form

    • Patrick Jonathan Neitzey says:

      the ones with the water repellent coating that are wrinkle free

  6. Sarkis says:

    Reading bicycle quarterly i experienced how this fine bike came to be. Great story! And the same magazine taught me what Rinko is! Great magazine. & Man, this bike looks great.

  7. belopsky says:

    how one adjusts brakes like these without any quick releases/adjusters, i do not know. what happens when the cable stretches?

    • Jan Heine says:

      The cables shouldn’t stretch, but the pads will wear. With most brake levers, there is enough travel that it doesn’t require adjustment, but if it does, you loosen the locknut and push the pads further inward – easy to do with post-style canti pads. Barrel adjusters and cantis aren’t a good match, as the pad hits the rim lower and lower as you compensate for pad wear, until the pad risks diving under the rim.

  8. Bogdan Vladu says:

    Look, don’t touch, cannot have, cannot call….
    Nice window dressing….
    Ivory tower….

    • Jan Heine says:

      Peter Weigle is taking orders for his ‘standard’ models that are very similar in most respects… and the price, while substantial, is less than an economy car. The wait is probably the biggest obstacle – a simple lesson of demand outstripping supply.

      • Frank says:

        Hi Jan. How would I contact Peter (sir Peter) if I wanted to swap out my economy car? I can only find his Flickr page … is there an email address or post box or? Best, Frank

        (Beautiful bike, and nicely captured John)

  9. Richard says:

    If Richard Sachs chimes in and describes your bike as “beautiful” you have created a truly beautiful bike. ‘Nuff said.

  10. black cat bicycles says:

    perfect. in every way. not pretend perfect. perfect.