Mick from 100 Tacos’ Crust Nor’Easter Dirty Tourer

A bike that’s perfect for its one imperfection. Mick hasn’t ever owned a new bike. Not new, new. Like pulling a brand new frame out of a box, new. It’s not that he was opposed to new bikes, he just never really found a company or a frame that fit his ideologies. Over the past few months however, Crust Bikes‘ offerings have really piqued his interest. He works at Golden Saddle Cyclery, a shop that churns out balleur Crust builds all the time. When he saw the new Nor’Easter, it strummed his heartstrings.

While there are a few new components on this build, he scored a lot of the parts from various swap meets. That old Chris King headset? Swap. That Moots seat post? Swap. That Nitto rack with the bent bracket? Swap. Rival shifters, rear derailleur? Swap. Sure, the wheels, brakes, and cranks are new, and he has plans to get the Sinewave Beacon front light, as well as figuring out what to do with a front rack. Bag or basket?

Mick does 100 Tacos in his spare time and I can’t wait to see him towing his taco truck trailer with this beauty!