Necronomicog Kits


Necronomicog Kits

So yesterday, I rode the dragon toward the crimson eye and opened up Illustrator to finally design the Necronomicog jersey that everyone’s been bugging me about. Since posting a few teasers up on Instagram, I’ve gotten a ton of emails asking for more details. So here you go.

As it stands now, Endo will be making me a sample kit to wear. Once I’m 100% sold on the design, I’ll open up a pre-order. This will be the standard pre-order with a pre-season lead time. The main difference is, I’ll ONLY have it open for a week, to ensure it doesn’t take too long to produce. This will take place in exactly two weeks, so put some money aside. YES you will be able to order just the jersey too.

In the next few weeks, there will be a series of product drops, coinciding with my new Webshop and PiNP v2.2. Expect some rad, Made in the USA products, including wool jerseys, collaborations, the introduction to the Purple Label goods and a few other surprises. Regarding the kit, don’t worry, I’ll give everyone plenty of time to prepare for the pre-order. It won’t be like my stickers…