Makin’ Bags in the Midwest: Checking in with Cedaero Bags

While visiting the midwest in a cover of snow might not seem like the most fun, I was able to take a load off and warm up inside of Cedaero this past February.  You remember Cedaero right?  They made some waves a while back with Kid’s trout-themed Salsa Blackborow.

While there, Josh Kowaleski gave me the low down on how and where their stock line, as well as their custom products, are made.  In the back of SpokeNgear, in Two Harbors Minnesota, just a bit outside of Duluth. Cedaero makes everything from scratch built to their customer’s frame.  Although they have a catalog of nearly 200 frame bag patterns they’re always adding more to their line up with a simple picture.  They can even scale the measurements based on the bottle bosses.

With all the bags being sewn in house and a production schedule of only 3-4 weeks for their custom bags, the blending of hands-on production and robots with, which saves a lot of time and makes some really clean cuts in the fabric.  While I was there, they were even showing off some prototype bags which will make their way into the line in the near future.  Thanks for the tour Josh, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with for that bubble zipper.