Lowelifes Trail Crew Spring 24 Merch


Lowelifes Trail Crew Spring 24 Merch

The Trail crew Travis is a part of, the Lowelifes are the team that brought back Condor Peak Trail, where we shot the YT bike review photos, just dropped some juicy merch for this year…

The Lowelifes are a non-profit and all money from its merch sales goes to support the crew’s efforts in rehabilitating existing trails within the San Gabriel Mountains in the Angeles National Forest. But you don’t have to live or ride in LA to appreciate what they’ve got going on.

Inspired by the local flora (including the dreaded Poodle Dog Bush and Whitethorn!) and fauna of Southern California, the new merch features graphics drawn by Rachelle Boyd. Currently, the team is working on Kenyon Devore, up the canyon from Redbox.

Check out the full collection at Lowelifes.

And for a deeper look into what they do, there’s a new article on Thrillist!