We Fixed Our Webshop


We Fixed Our Webshop

As you might have noticed when we dropped our Winter product last week that the UX for the webshop was not so hot. We rushed it to get the collection live and shipping as soon as possible since it had already been delayed for so long. Well, we have now had some time to massage the design a bit more. Now when you click on the Shop link, it’ll take you straight to The Radavist’s shop at The Pro’s Closet. We should have done that from the beginning but well… you know how it goes.

We’re also working on a Bikes and Gear sub-shop that contains my personal picks from TPC’s incoming queue. Josh and I will be updating this regularly with steel/ti bikes we think the readers would be interested in, along with other components, accessories, and bike frames. Since TPC gets in hundreds of bikes a day, this will make it a bit easier for all of you to see some fun and funky bikes that we catch as they hit the inventory.

Once again, thanks for your patience and if you have any feedback, drop it in the comments and I’ll take it to the team!