Leo Furmansky and His Volume BMX


Leo Furmansky and His Volume BMX


Yesterday was BMX day for Dennis and Leo. We rode around Austin looking at all the spots I had marked down with my iPhone and while I was beat from riding already, I shot a few photos of Leo and his Volume BMX. Leo’s a photography student who loves to shoot BMX and fixed photos. His work has been used for Burro, Volume and other companies in the scene and like a good photographer, he also rides. This enables him to set up his shots to catch everything just right.

Check out some more photos of Leo and his Volume BMX below.


Something about standing beside your BMX just doesn’t sit well with me. You’ve gotta be doing a trick on it. This stairset was the biggest gap Leo’s ever nollied. Check out his “oh shit” face.


We both liked the architectural quirkiness of this spot. Leo’s got a double peg dialed in here. Note his facial expression: much more relaxed. It’s not often that I get to shoot BMX riders and hanging with Leo and Dennis is always fun. Expect more from them in the near future!