Initial Reaction: H+Son TB14 Rim


Initial Reaction: H+Son TB14 Rim


So how do you review a rim that hasn’t been laced up yet? The answer is, you can’t. But I can tell you what my thoughts are right out of the box. When Tzu Sing brought the new TB14 rim to Interbike with him to display at Affinity‘s booth, I was completely stoked on them. Finally, a replacement for the Mavic hard anno rims! The H+Son TB14 is one hot rim.

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To top it off, the 23mm wide rim will make a 23c tire balloon out a bit more to offer a bit of much-needed stiffness. Well, that’s the theory anyway. The eyelets and ‘invisible welded’ seam ensure the rim will build easily and offer a strong wheel fit for a track or a road bike.


What are my plans for these rims? You’ll see… In the meantime, I wanna thank Tzu Sing for sending me a pair!

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