Hope Cyclery and Ron’s Bikes Fabs Chest


Hope Cyclery and Ron’s Bikes Fabs Chest

Johnstown, PA’s Hope Cyclery teamed up with Ron’s Bikes/Nutmeg Needleworks in Connecticut to develop a collaboration Fab’s Chest pack featuring the Connecticut and Pennsylvania state flower, the Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia). Let’s check out the details and how you can score one below…

Made from a waxed Cordura, in the darkest brown the two brands could track down, featuring tan buckles and webbing, this collaboration is sure to look great on any colored bike. The material will naturally age, showing a wonderful patina with heavy use.

Speaking of use, the Fab’s Chest’s unique design allows for the inner flap to be opened tall, allowing the bag to be stuffed to the max and the top flat unbuttons, doubling in length, ensuring your load will be secured. We’ve used these bags to carry firewood to camp, grocery runs, packages to the post office, and more.

Inside the bag, the highest of viz pink interior makes it easy to find your gear in low light.

What makes this collaborative effort extra special is the patch designed by our friend Champagne Rodman, with the a Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia), the Pennsylvania and Connecticut state flower. Made by our wonderful friends Arya, Ronnie, and the folks over at Nutmeg Needleworks in CT.

The chest is truly the best. We’ve been using this bag design for several for years now, and we don’t think there is anything out there that’s as classy, well made, and can handle a load as well.

Available in large and small til they’re not. Limited production.

So how can you buy one of these? Sign up for the Hope Cyclery Newsletter (at the bottom of the website) and gain early access before the 12/09 drop!

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