Frostbike’s the Best – Jarrod Bunk

Frostbike’s the Best
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

I look forward to this time of the year, I get to catch up with friends, check out fresh bits from companies that I dig. You could say that Frostbike is a mini Interbike, without the tedium. QBP invites some of its dealers each year to view bikes, parts, and projects. Bikes, I love them, I love getting people on them, I love riding them. We all do right? QBP does a great job of creating bikes that small groups want and promoting cycling though all of their brands. Frostbike isn’t about just QBP brands though, there are plenty of non Q-brands that display here.


Its been said that there ain’t no party like a QBP party ‘cause a QBP party don’t stop. Obviously winding down after a day of seminars and bike stoke needs to happen. I look forward to the All City ’17 model year release every year. Jeff has a great program over there!. The log lady is a show stopper. Speaking of show stoppers, Whiskey Parts Co. has a pretty awesome project this year. They displayed six bikes as parts of their Whiskey Six Select, and let me just say oh man, these bikes are beautiful, from a custom Salsa Cycles Horsethief to a Retrotec, there is sure to be something for everyone.


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