Event Recap: Scene in NYC Alleycat


Event Recap: Scene in NYC Alleycat

Santiago’s BMW

Killer Commuter Cockpit

Planning the Route

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a NYC alleycat. While races, especially alleycats, are losing momentum in cities, especially when compared to the frequency they used to be thrown, it’s great to see them thriving in New York. Stoned Tone is doing a killer job keeping this messenger tradition going and the Scene in New York Alleycat brought out the Cat 6 commuters and working messengers alike.

Here are a few Beautiful Bicycles and check out more below!


The premise of this race was simple and one that couldn’t be emulated in too many cities. Each checkpoint was from a scene in a major Hollywood movie.

Check out a slideshow of more photos below. Be sure to set it to full-screen!

These are also on my Flickr!