DVS Shoes: Keirin Pack


DVS Shoes: Keirin Pack


DVS is really stepping their cycling-themed sneaker collection up in the forthcoming months. Yesterday I received a couple pairs of sample sneakers and included in the box were the popular Keirin Pack. Available in a variety of colors, these shoes have bold numbers printed on the tongues representing the Keirin racer’s helmets.

Check out some more photos below.


The construction is on-par with DVS’ entire line of sneakers. The cotton outer is accented nicely by the printed numbering.


The low-profile silhouette makes for an ideal riding sneaker.


Mix and match them if you want or just wear them in matching colors. I’m really feeling these colors and I can’t wait to let my blue jeans dye the white pair all to hell. I think these are my three favorite from the pack. The others are well, a little too much for me.