DVS: Keorock Milan CT-Mid Now Available


DVS: Keorock Milan CT-Mid Now Available


The Keorock DVS Milan CT-Mid is now available at the DVS site:

“Every discipline has its innovators—the ones who push the boundaries and test the limits. Seattle native, Keo Curry is recognized in the cycling community as just that. With a variety of trick inventions under his belt including the Keo Rock, the Keo Spin, the Three off the tree, and the Min Spin, Keo Curry continues to push the vocabulary of fixed gear cycling with the silky smooth style he’s known for. In the tradition of innovation, DVS produced a (which shoe again?) for Curry designed with performance and stand-out individuality in mind.”

I rode in these and was stoked on the Milan CT-Mid silhouette. Easily my favorite model DVS makes. Grab a pair here!