DirtRag’s Got Some Tunes


DirtRag’s Got Some Tunes

… to liven up your ride. Kyle inadvertently inspired this one, too!

“I met Kyle Kelley one rainy, chilly early evening in July 2016 somewhere in Canada. My two friends and I had been riding in the rain for about eight days straight on the Great Divide, and finally caved and decided to stay at a hostel for a night to dry out. A woman named Liz came down from the balcony to introduce herself; she was also on a bike tour with her partner Kyle, heading to a bike summit in the midwest but taking the Great Divide route for part of the way. We ended up riding with them for a few days across the Canadian border and into the rainbow mecca of dewy Montana. As the storms held on to us by our shoulders, Kyle kept repeating, “ride towards sunlight!””

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