Radavist Radio: Stressoterica II


Radavist Radio: Stressoterica II


Darkness has fallen across the northern hemisphere a little faster this year. From darkness we come and to darkness we grow. The second volume of Stressoterica explores such darkness, without being overt and aggressive. Rather, it sends somber solace through its melodies as composed by the following neofolk artists:

Of the Wand and the Moon, Sonne Hagal, Cult of Youth, Rome, Der Blutharsch , Swans, Death in June, Solanaceae, Wreathes, Naevus, Strength Through Joy, In Rune, Sol Invictus, King Dude and Chelsea Wolfe, Zola Jesus

Each of these artists use Spotify and LP albums (when available) can be purchased at your local record shop. For now, check out Stressoterica II below, for free. Or if you’d like a direct link, check it out at Spotify.