Radavist Radio: Stressoterica I


Radavist Radio: Stressoterica I


I’ve toyed with the idea of bringing more music back to the Radavist and with the ease of accessibility brought to you by services like Spotify, I feel like now is the perfect time to launch a new “Radavist Radio” series, beginning with Stressoterica, a compilation of overpowering, enlightening, synthetic, esoteric music from:

Prurient, Alberich, Oake, Trepaneringsritualen, Pig Heart Transplant, Vatican Shadow / Christian Cosmos, Uniform, Silent Servant, Chelsea Wolfe and Alessandro Cortini.

Each of these artists use Spotify and all of these LP albums were bought in Los Angeles at Vacation Vinyl. If you hear something you like, please support your local record shop. For now, check out Stressoterica I below, for free. Or if you’d like a direct link, check it out at Spotify.