Crust Bikes and MKS: the Gordito Pedal – Where It’s Made

A few years ago I went to Japan for a visit with Nitto to discuss some ideas I wanted them to work on for Crust. While there, my friend Nori asked if I would like to visit MKS pedals. Being a huge bike nerd I could not turn down the opportunity to see a company that has been manufacturing pedals since 1946. That’s right, 1946!!!

Crust has only been in business for 6 years and we are so damn fried already. To think that MKS has been at it for 70 plus years is absolutely mind-blowing. It’s a true testament to the Japanese dedication to manufacturing fine products.

While at MKS Nori and I got a fascinating tour of the factory, where one of the workers shared her Surly with us, complete with Swift Industries bags!

Once the tour was over and we were back in the offices of MKS drinking tea, I was asked if there was any kind of pedal development Crust would be interested in pursuing? Well, obviously the Sylvan instantly came to mind for its timeless classic appearance. However, the one thing I did not like about the Sylvan is it feels a little small under the foot.

Long, long, long story short the SYLVAN GORDITO was born and I have some photos of it to share.

-Price: $75.00
-ETA: March 2021
-Available in High Polish or Black Anodized Alloy
-Size: Width: 85mm.  Length: 100mm
-Weight: 430g
-Made in Japan