Inside the Ultradynamico Pop Up at Blue Lug Kamiuma

After a helluva a time getting through all the Tsunami craziness at Grinduro Japan this past fall me and the Salsa crew finally got back to Tokyo.  The rest of the posse had to take off around 4 am the next day, leaving me with about half a day in Tokyo to myself! Bené and Patrick had invited me to swing by Blue Lug for a pop up they were having to showcase there oh so éspecial new Ultradynamico Tyres. Having seen the amazing custom builds coming out of the shop for years I was excited to see what the shop was about.

When I walked in, the shop was literally dripping in cycling memorabilia and ephemera, with some of the most amazing bikes hanging from the ceiling.  It was a veritable cave of bicycle heaven with spectacular bikes and parts hanging like artisanal steel stalactites.  Amazing tidbits of cycling history dot every shelf while every case is filled with rare and exclusive components.  There is a small shrine to where Grant Peterson visited and signed a wall many moons ago.  Somehow an In and Out Burger hat made its way back to Tokyo in their helmet section.  They have their own paint booth for those aforementioned amazing truly custom builds.  I walked around the shop about 10 times, seeing something new every time, It was a total bike nerdery overload,  I even saw Papi in awe.

Bené and Patrick were still hyped, many days after, from their visit to the Panaracer Factory that produces their tires.  They had their wares of the fanciest rubber around on display, in their matching jumpsuits. Adoring fans came to talk TPI and touch sidewalls.  A few even left with signed Fabios Chests.

I was in total awe of the shop and being halfway around the world and still running into friends around Tokyo, but that’s this little bike universe of ours.  Everyone at Blue Lug was so inviting and lovely, I can’t wait to make it back to Tokyo for a bit more riding hopefully!