Building Community at Sincere Cycles in Santa Fe

In the modern era, opening a new shop is risky business, especially if you’re trying to just make a quick buck. I’ve watched shops close all around me, yet sometimes the right combination of factors unite and a new shop is born. One of those factors includes a town with a growing cycling scene, access to wilderness, and a supporting cycling infrastructure. Santa Fe just so happens to be one of those rare places in the Four Corners of the Western United States.

Sincere Cycles is the newest venture by Bailey Newbrey. Bailey co-founded Comrade Cycles in Chicago. About two years ago, he left to work with Bobby and crew at District Bicycles. While there, he began to plan out his next move…

Bailey is a die-hard endurance racer, specifically off-road, bikepacking races. He’s raced the Tour Divide, twice, and plenty of other long-distance gravel races. His heart and soul goes into each race and everything in his life for that matter. Perhaps that’s what makes his shop so special.

Sincere’s branding was done by Casey Robertson and came out exceptional! He even flew across the country to make the signs and paint the windows of the shop! Follow Casey on Instagram to see more of his day-to-day work.

While the walls and floor are slowly getting more populated by bikes and accessories, what Sincere Cycles is actively pursuing is growing community in Santa Fe. He throws a weekly shop ride, every Wednesday night, leaving at 6:20PM ish after closing time. They usually pedal to La Tiera trails, the local, in-town trail network. He’s also taken over the Big Friggin Loop, a tough trail race, where the only prize is bragging rights. Sincere will also be hosting a variety of overnight bikepacking trips.

We happened to be in town on a Wednesday and made it out for one of Sincere’s group rides. I was anxious to see what the cycling community would be like in Santa Fe. We were both super stoked to get out and ride out amidst the juniper and piñon. Cari even rode the Humble Frameworks tandem with Bailey! Rumor has it this is one of three tandems: one was broken during production, Bailey got one, and Beyoncé had to have the other. No lie!

Ripping through those trails, with people on rigids, singlespeeds, full squishes, and a tandem was a hoot. It really gave us a feel for the community in Santa Fe, its local riding, and made me stoked to see where Sincere would be in a year. If you find yourself in this sleepy little town, make sure to swing through and say hello!

Sincere Cycles
411 W Water St
Unit B,
Santa Fe, NM 87501

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Tue-Sat 10AM–6PM