Ride Metal: John Takes Miguel on the Town to Towers Santa Fe Gravel Ride

In our latest Race Metal video series, Miguel asked John what his favorite gravel route is in Santa Fe, prompting John to take Miguel along for an all-day epic. The ride starts in the Railyard District in Santa Fe and tops out at the radio towers on Tesuque Peak. Check out the video above and a short gallery below from the full Town to Towers Gravel Ride!

Things to Know

In the summer, it’s best to get started early, as the pavement to the start of the dirt on Pacheco Canyon Road gets hot. Bring a water filter to refill along the streams and tire repair kits like a Dynaplug. You can meet in town at Sky Coffee and grab a burrito. We’d recommend a minimum of a 40 mm tire. The descent off the top is a bone-rattler. The ride takes about 6 hours to complete. The best time of year is July through October.

The Bikes

Miguel was riding his Beach Club Al Dente with 700 x 43 mm wheels, and John was on his Meriwether Cycles OGATB adventure bike with 2.3″ 29er wheels.


The Route