Brenton Salo: Globe Bikes’ West End Bike


Brenton Salo: Globe Bikes’ West End Bike

Photo by Brenton Salo

I really love Globe Bikes. I’m also a big fan of Garret Chow’s work and Brenton Salo’s photography. So we’ve got three of some of my favorite things here. Add the Berthoud / Brooks style saddle, a quill stem, elegant mustache bars and simple track-inspired cranks and you’ve got a pretty elegant solution to a rain bike / commuter.

What I’m not really into is the three-speed electronic shifting found on the West End Bike. Maybe 8-speed Alfine would make more sense? No derailleur to bang on a door jam, no maintenance and more choices. Other than that, the paint job is killer, the coffee-carrier is sick (aftermarket please!) and the gum wall cross tires look rad.

I can’t wait to see these hit the shops. I bet they’ll sell!

Edit: I just realized this could be Brenton’s own build and not the specified factory complete. Either way, I’d love to find out more about it.