About to #GoYonder

Today, before the sun is up, a small group of friends and I are going to embark on a 600k brevet-style ride out of Pittsburgh, over the Appalachian mountains and into DC. Loosely termed a “brovet”, this ride is part of a project that’s come to be called Go Yonder. I can’t say anything more than that but we’ll be posting photos on Instagram ( @JohnProlly @moi_is_moi @tytanium @no_ralphy @quesofrito @coelmaness @yonderjournal ) of all the randomness we encounter for the next 36 hours.

The Mudville will be my work horse and since we have no idea what to expect on the road, it’s set up with a SON hub, an Edelux lamp (mounted to a Cronometro Nob, via a R&M mount) and a Viscacha saddle bag by Revelate Designs. We’re all hobo-camping, probably only clocking in 2 hours of sleep, so I’ve got a bag liner, a tarp and a merino hoodie. Fingers crossed, loose legs and Scrapple!

See you on the other side of the mountains and check out more photos below.