My Geekhouse Team Mudville Cross

Truth be told, I put a deposit down for a 2012 Geekhouse Team Mudville cross bike before my Woodville touring bike was stolen. While I’m planning on racing here in Austin when there are local events, I’m also just stoked to finally have a cross bike to travel with. Over this past year, I’ve come to determine that a cross bike is an ideal travel bike.

You can do just about everything on them: singletrack, off-roading, gravel, road rides and even light touring. Because this bike will be 60% all that and 40% racing, I built it up initially to respond to riding in Northern California and a brevet I’ll be riding later on this month. Hence the double cages, clinchers and Ramblin’ Roll. In fact, I’m heading to Cali right now to partake in some dirt rides.

Enough of the intent, how about the bike? A few things are new on the 2012 Team Mudville models. For one, the ENVE tapered fork and headtube. It’s so big and yes, it really offers a noticeable difference in handling. The tubing selection is a little different on mine than the other bikes. Columbus Life stays ensure my big ass won’t tweak the rear end riding like an asshole or casing barriers.

I honestly don’t have tubular race wheels, so I’ll be using my trusty Profile Elite road hubs to HED Belgiums. The SRAM Force group, ENVE stem, Thomson Elite post, 3T bars all compliment the brightly anodized Chris King InSet Mango headset and matching bottom bracket. A Paul Components Funky Monkey drops the front cable a bit lower and stopping power is provided by Paul touring cantis. After getting everything dialed in, I can say that I’m really enjoying the ride.

Many thanks to Geekhouse bikes for the stellar frame and Ben’s Cycle for the parts!

Enough copy, check out the photos!

  • Kevin

    water bottles on a CX BIKE!? ;)

    • what’s next? disc brakes???

      • Aaron

        Disc Brakes are not sufficiently EURO.

    • Gotta squirt the ladies.

      • Chris W

        Can you reach that bottle way down there?!

        • It’s for shouldering clearance.

          • Joshua Robot

            Shoot. That is a good idea, wish I’d have specified that when I had my stealth geekhouse modified to take bottles. . . why did I do that? ’cause Bay Area CX is hot and dusty.

  • Kevin

    looks nice Bud!

  • would bang

    • 2/10  head tube looks weird, would not bang.

      • Austin

        What’s the head tube? Is it a 44/50?

  • Dunbarchrisj

    So right

  • njvaldes

    What a beauty!  I’m surprised not to see Paul mini-motos on there.  I’m also curious to hear some in depth details and feedback on the profile road/cx hubs.  I’ve been itching to get a set.

    • Re: hubs – I wouldn’t ride them if I didn’t like them. ;-)

      • njvaldes

        Certainly but…why?  There are plenty of great hubsets on the market.

        • Made in the USA by Profile – who’s been making hubs in the USA for a long time. And they’re LOUD as shit.

  • what’s next? disc brakes???

  • Well done!  If you’re really gonna race it I’d toss a 3rd eye or K-edge keeper on there, but aside from that this ride looks perfect!

    • also ditch that kurve! too nice for cx. I’ve cracked 2 saddles just remounting and completely refinished another with my ass + sand/mud…save the kurve!

      • Yeah I’ll put a Unicanitor on it for racing but since I’ll be riding it for two weeks before my first race I wanted to class it up.

  • Tyler

    I want me one of those Massachusetts stickers.

  • niiiiiiiice! the team mudvilles are really something special this year.

    just wondering, why so much straddle cable on the front brake? I’ve found the touring canti’s tend to provide the most stopping power when you keep the straddle cable as short as possible (while still having mud clearance…if mud is an issue), like around 1-2″ above the tire. just a thought.


  • markFARM

    are those sneaky little bar ends still available or do you just keep switching which bike you have it on?

    • That’s the same one I’ve had for years.

  • jonb

    Rad. Your theory on cx being the near perfect travel bike is spot on. 

  • iStone

    Everything about this bike is amazing. I hope you’re so fucking stoked to own something that nice. It literally has everything.

  • seatpost

    Non setback seatpost? surely this is a mistake. ;)

    • I like being more over the front end on cross bikes.

  • thendlessgroove

    prolly what’s your choice of geo? travel, but no opt for s&s–i’m sure you thought about it for such a big bike?
    perfect build, have fun with it!

    • S&S doesn’t make sense for my size bikes. It’s too much of a hassle and I usually fly Southwest or JetBlue where it’s either $25 or $50.
      Geo is Marty’s team spec. The STA is steeper than my Bishop. That’s all I’ll say….

  • sticker placement is perfect.

  • nice! can’t wait to see it in action 

  • hans

    very sick john. very stoked for you man. when you in LA?

  • Saffs

    Fantastic build, John and looks fantastic! I eagerly await my one from Marty, in yellow, pink ENVE!

  • iStone

    What this really needs to top it off is an orange seatpost clamp.

    • iStone

      Or at least an orange seat post bolt.

      • Ordered Ti Salsa skewers in orange… ;-)

  • Richard Smith

    Very very nice

  • Hikyle2

    Are you gonna ride the grifo’s on the dirt road rides?

  • Oz

    This question isn’t specific only to your bike, why did you choose not to put interrupter brakes? Is that being phased out of CX?

    • thebigkick


  • Guest

    if i only had one bike this would be it

  • Oh boy oh boy oh boy

  • housing stop

    Ditch that surly cable hanger for the paul funky or nitto. Way to much flex in the surly, they’re garbage.

    • yeah the Funky Monkey didn’t come in the mail yet….

  • Fabian

    that penta bar end ;) NICE BUILD JOHN!

  • islander

    What bar tape, Sir? Really a beautiful bike!

  • Joshuaitsme

    very fine how do you like th ehubs?

  • billy

    all about advertising, lost a reader. you plug shit a hundred times in every post. 

    • People ask questions so I lay out the facts. Spares me from answering the “what hubs are those?” questions later.
      If you get turned off by that, I have no idea how you can even use the internet….

      • Tejay Van Garderen

        i have to agree with billy, but not because of this post.  this post was totally fine, but just the other day you plugged a cadence sale on a non-bike-related website where you have to sign up to even view the sale.  that is pretty lame.

        i’m still a reader, but it’s starting to get on my nerves when you have a banner and full sidebar of ads, get tons of free stuff from companies,  and still do things like that.  this geekhouse is fucking awesome so at least the money is going to cool bikes.  but, idk.  i’m probably just jealous because i have a shitty manual labor job and you’re able to make a living by posting about stuff you see while surfing the web.

        • Sorry man. But every “sale / discount / clearance” site like that is the same. You have to sign in or sign up to be able to see the sale items.
          All I was trying to do was share the savings.

          Again, do you get annoyed reading magazines? I have a lot of overheard. Film, processing, high server bills. How do you think I pay for all that?
          If I didn’t work hard to produce original content, I wouldn’t have ads. Just repostin other people’s content has 0 overhead….

          • Guest

            wow prolls. you tried to share some discounts and some kid complains about having to sign up for a non-bike-related website. double edged sword life. keep doing what you do we all appreciate it. these are the everyone gets a trophy people who grew up being told there the best i bet

          • Jaysfordays23

            You know you’re successful when you have your own haters! Haha!

      • John Jones

        Petty. John you are in a service position, realize that.

        • John Jones

          remove I’m an asshole.

    • Trackosaursrex

       Hate to say it Billy but John pays for most of his shit.  It’s not plugging, it’s a build list.  And what is wrong with plugging the things you love?  I’m not down with all the advertising on the site but what you’re talking about is definitely not advertising.   

      • John Jones

        Fueled by budwiser, I’ve gotta say: buying expensive shit isn’t a substitute for inovation. Building or making things for your self is always awesome. I love your blog, otherwise I wouldnt read every post and randomly post once. cause thats how I roll. Blabber Blabber Blabber. smoke wrench + tubing = new parts!! 

  • Sick ride! What size frame is that?

  • Krash

    Is that a Tracko Ramblin’ Roll?  So hard to catch one of those!

  • Victor-tvrdy

    dude, why wont you ride a horizontal tt? your bishop looks like t had a 650c rear wheel. icarus is dealed.

    • it’s 2012. the level tt serves no purpose
      slight slopers pay homage to past while bringing us forward

    • Because I like having nut clearance. My inseam is 36″ but a level TT puts me at a grip of seat post.

  • Trackosaurusrex

    I hope you’re moving to Southern California, where it doesn’t rain and there is no mud because that bike looks like it has no rear tire clearance.  Mud hugs for days! 

  • ian

    I like it, alot.  Super upright geo for a cross bike, but I bet that thing sprints like a champ.  I would definitely ride that anywhere and be totally stoked on existence.

  • Stevieracer

    What bars are they? 3T Ergosum?

  • Beautiful.

  • adam

    no BB30?

    • BB30 sucks on steel. Pressfit 30 is the way to go. Marty didn’t want to do PF30.

  • John Jones

    That head tube looks so far out of place compared to the top and down tube. I’d like a physicist to explain how a 1.5″ head tube is an advantage to a 1″. I think a lot of cycling technology has little to no basis in reality. 
    edit: I can imagine any gain at the crown of the fork is lost in the tube junction to the head tube. I’m no expert, but I cant see that lasting.

    • Same as press fit 30, super stiff – also, I have yet to have chatter at all.

    • well, the ht can be a thinner (machined heavily) and be lighter than a 1 1/8th piece because of better load distribution. it’s nicer to join tubes to (esp. w/ alu) because of less severe angles and larger area to join to (no ovalizing needed at the joint).
      also the tapered forks weigh about the same and work really nice in applications w/ canti brakes, tandems, and race bikes where you don’t want the front end to move at all. no downside as far as i’m concerned-

  • what kind of saddle bag is that?

  • Andypalmgren

    Classy wheels. The Yo Eddy rip off sticker is in poor taste though.

    • Not really, its more of a nod to the rich lineage of custom frames built in the Boston area. I doubt Chris Chance gives a fuck.

      • Yeah, Chris invited Marty to his home this year to check out all his rad shit.

  • andy kappler

    Its lovely.  What is the gearing upfront?  36/46?  

  • that bike is brim!, as in tippy toppy, to the brim!, its tips..

  • brim!!! tippy toppy!! tips!! 

  • todd hauber

    dumb question I know but just curios in your size with that build what does it weigh? I’ve been talking to Marty and I’m about to pull the trigger on a pit bike plus I’m missing STEEL. I’d most likely be building with carbon bits but as odd as it is my other option is the Cannondale Super X hi Mod (team discount thing). thanks

    • this build is about 22 lbs. I’ve got new R45 wheels and a few lighter things on it now, putting it at 20

  • So clean.

  • addi61

    How is the Fizik Kurve saddle holding up? I am having a lot of saddle trouble right now. I’ve heard some great things about the Kurve series but also that they have suffered from some quality issues.

    • I ended up running an Antares VS instead (worried about breaking this hopping on and off during a race). I do however have the Kurve on two of my bikes. Both were replacements as the version 1 of this saddle had problems. They replaced my saddles free of charge and they’re both good to go now!

      • addi61

        Awesome, thank you. I think this bike is great and I love the site.

        • addi61

          Forgot to ask. Is the Thomson post good to go with the rails on the Kurve or was it just mounted up for the shoot? I’m running an Elite post.

          • It’s all good

          • addi61

            Got my Kurve saddle and really loving it! Only issue is the rails don’t sit perfectly in the Elite post clamp, the spacing of the rails are slightly more narrow and I am afraid of really clamping it down tight and hurting the rails. Did you encounter this issue?

          • I just clamped it… haha. Do it at your own risk I suppose.

          • addi61

            Last question, promise haha. Is there a way to tell the difference between the first and second version of the saddle. Worried I could have gotten old stock.

  • Rogan

    what size is this headtube? 44 or 49?


    Hey Prolly. Would you recommend this frame for someone that wants an all around bike. I am looking for something I can do 80 mile group rides on and thrash around on the dirt whenever it comes my way.

    • That’s what I’ve been using mine for.

  • Drew Dunbar

    Hey John, Beautiful bike!!!! Im a photography student and ive always wondered how you take photos of a bike standing by itself without a helmet or something else under the pedal to prop it up???