A Look at the Ultra-Low Visibility Camo Leh Cycling Goods Bar Tape and Saddle Bag


A Look at the Ultra-Low Visibility Camo Leh Cycling Goods Bar Tape and Saddle Bag

With NAHBS approaching – this weekend! – one of my favorite features to photograph are the unique touches that make the bikes of the show, show bikes. While not everyone can afford a crazy titanium fatbike with bends for days, or a carbon road bike that weighs only 12 lbs, that doesn’t mean we can’t accessorize our bikes to look like a balleur show bike.

Leh Cycling Goods is a leathersmith, based in Texas, that makes custom saddles, bar tape, and other cycling accessories, but what makes Leh different from the others is his ready-made stock, including leather-clad saddles! I’ve been using two of Leh’s products on my Speedvagen OD OG-1 and they really bring this bike’s whole package up a few notches… Check out more below.

Leh Camo Leather Bar Tape

Yep, pretty self-explanatory. Leather bar tape that you need to pull taught to ensure that it doesn’t creep around like an obsessed ex. Then, use the Leh finishing twine to tie it off and viola, your bars just got a bit classier.

So, a question that’s probably on everyone’s mind: how does it wear? Honestly, I’m not sure, I’ve only been using for a few months and I usually wear cycling gloves, so It’s hard to tell how much it’ll wear. It’s actually very grippy though, even bare-handed. Is it easy to install? Yes, as long as you’re of the patient type. Personally, I suck at bar tape install, so I dropped it off at my shop to get them to put it on properly. This bar tape starts at $59 with options like plain, stitched and perforated and stitched. It’s in stock now at Leh.

Möbius Saddle Bag

The Leh Cycling Goods Möbius saddle bag is handmade and features high-quality zippers made in Los Angeles, CA. These bags utilize a unique “mobius” velcro strap strip so you won’t have any dangling staps to worry about and the saddle bag sits snugly under your saddle, where it belongs. Mine fits a tube patch kit, a multitool, tire lever and a tube. It’s small, but not too small and even though the zipper pull looks large, you don’t even notice it while on the bike. These are in stock now, in a variety of finishes for $99.