Check out Our Favorites in Bombtrack’s 2020 Lineup


Check out Our Favorites in Bombtrack’s 2020 Lineup

Last week, Bombtrack announced their yearly Bilderbuch, a compilation of what to expect from the brand’s dense catalog of bicycles. Naturally, as a brand, they have diversified their line up to meet just about any preference. There are road bikes, disc road bikes, rigid MTB, hardtails, gravel bikes, and classic tourers. Check out preferences and why we have gravitated to them below.

2020 Arise Tour

True to form bicycle touring will never go out of style and the Arise Tour promises endless miles of classic fun. Complete with racks, a dynamo, touring gearing, and classic, silver components, the Arise Tour really popped from the pages this year. See the full spec sheet at Bombtrack.

2020 Hook EXT

Don’t be fooled by the flashy paintjob on this year’s Hook EXT, this bike is serious. With clearance for a 27.5″ x 2″ tire, 1x gearing, bosses for cargo bags, and a geometry tuned for off-road riding, the Hook EXT returns as Bombtrack’s Swiss Army Knife. Check out the full specs at Bombtrack.

2020 Beyond + ADV

Perfect for rugged backcountry traverses, sandy, washboarded roads, and urban singletrack, the Beyond + ADV continues its pedigree for riding on the roads less traveled. With clearance for mud, provisions for bikepacking bags, and swept-back bars, the Byond + ADV isn’t for racing per se, it’s for getting you there and back again. See more at Bombtrack.

2020 Cale

Everyone needs a hardtail and the Cale is a 27.5+ or 29er trail ripper, complete with SRAM’s Eagle drivetrain, an MRP fork, and yes, those are rear rack mounts, perfect for an Old Man Mountain touring rack. Check out the 2020 Cale specs at Bombtrack.

Which bike would you prefer? Did we not list your favorite? Drop us a note in the comments.

If you’d like to order one of these bikes and you live in the United States, it is possible. Simply use their store locator and distributors list at the Bombtrack website.