The Cub House’s Third Annual Bike Show and Swap… and Auto Show!

When Sean from the Cub House told me his dream of putting on a bike and auto show, I wasn’t exactly sure how it’d pan out. Now, don’t get me wrong, Southern Californians love their cars and in this social circle, people love their bicycles just as much, if not more. I was worried that the cars would take center stage over the bikes, or it would get overrun with the auto show crowd. Boy, was I wrong!

Did you see our gallery of this Medici-built Carnevale?

Not to undermine the Cub House’s efforts. This was the third year of the Cub House’s Bike Show and Swap and every year, the bikes that are on display are always stunning, but this year’s entrants were the best yet. So what about the cars? Well, the rule was each car had to have a bike on it. Whether that’s a bike in the bed of a truck, or on a roof rack. Sure, there were a few vehicles that broke this rule, but no one was complaining. With the swap meet packed with deals for days, a toy drive, and a kit donation center, there was a lot of Holiday Spirit circulating throughout the Cub House.

I left the show, stoked for the holidays, and stoked for the Cub House and the community they’ve grown over the years. Enjoy these photos and stay tuned for more bikes! Now… which is your favorite auto?


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  • Ryan

    I knew when I saw the teaser shots on Instagram that my Monday productivity would be affected—and here it is, lol.

    • haha! I had so much fun out there. Hopefully it shows!

  • George T Rosselle

    So many nice cars and bikes. But that double cab VW. I want that one.

    • It’s without finger print. So perfect. Scary perfect!

  • nothingfuture

    Oh man.

    It’s probably a good thing (for my bank account, anyway) that I wasn’t at this meet.
    Lord almighty.

  • Nothing cooler than a classic VW.

  • Savoldelli

    Amazing mix of bikes and cars out there yesterday! Big thanks to the entire Cub House gang and thanks for the great (and balanced) coverage, John!

    • Sean Talkington

      The pleasure is all ours… Thank you for participating :)

  • Nathan Crissman

    There’s a kid that stops into the bike shop I work at that commutes on that same tri-fade Lemond in #35. It’s a rad bike.

  • Danny

    2 door roundie in Panama Braun with a Merckx on top? That’s the dream! Wouldn’t have pressed the bumpers in myself but man i love that rabs! makes me miss mine.

  • Arthur Maas

    I wish I could see more of the Porsche parked next to the M4 :(
    This beetle with THICC back tyres is just pure cal look class

  • Tough to beat an old Bug with big ol’ Hoosiers on the rear, but I’ve always had a little crush on that EMPI GTV Bug too.

  • Nick Paglia

    That early swallowtail rabbit *swoon*

    • Danny

      That’s not a swallow tail. Panama Braun is a 77 to 78 color I believe. It’s just an early roundy.

      • Nick Paglia

        Chrome Yellow is a similar swallowtail color. I based the call on the chrome trim/mirrors, lack of side markers, and the smooth hood. Obviously, we could tell right away if John posted a rear shot :-)

        • Danny

          I’ve seen swallowtails with side markers. Possibly removed? Looks like he put on some chrome handles and removed the rear 1/4 flares as well. If memory serves me correct swallow tails don’t have smooth hoods. There’s two distinct indentations and a curved front on the hood. Also difficult to see the early style hood latch that should slightly protrude out of the grill. Makes me think it’s just a roundie. I could be wrong. I’m more interested what’s underneath and if he’s still running CIS lol. But yes a rear shot would easily clarify.

          • Robin Adams

            I am the keeper of that Rabbit. It’s a ’75. Chrome Yellow. 1.8 16v.

  • chrismoustache

    Nitto Toyota Van. Being on TV number 3, I might be little biased though.

  • surlymv

    This gets me so stoked to get a roof rack on my 1956 Lincoln Premiere. I’d been meaning to do it but the trunk is so damn big I can fit a 29+ bike in it . Except I’m in Maine so I’ll never be in a bike/car show… Great coverage. Keep it up. I need something to motivate me to work on my 19′ long boat in these long, cold winters.