A Slice of Cycling History at Orange Peel Bikes in Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs is the birthplace of Moots, Eriksen, and other outdoor industry brands. Visit this ski town and you’ll see why. Located in the Northern Yampa Valley the city has thrived due to its proximity to the Routt National Forest and its plethora of trails. It doesn’t matter what your preferred form of recreation is, Steamboat has an abundance of resources for it.

One of the bike shops in Steamboat is in one of the most unique spaces I’ve ever visited. Period. When Jon from Moots took me to pick up some last minute supplies before embarking on our Steamboat Ramble Ride trip, my jaw was on the ground. While most of the outdoor shops in Steamboat are very clean and corporate, Orange Peel Bikes embraced its chaotic beauty. Much like something found in nature, there are no right angles in this bee-hive shaped space.

Back in 1979, Kent Ericksen bought this unique location for $1 USD at auction. Yep. One whole dollar. The building originally was a sawdust incinerator. Kent’s shop was called Sore Saddle Cyclery. In 1981, Moots was born in this unique space.

Orange Peel Bikes is now owned and operated by Brock Webster. Yes, they’re a Moots dealer, too! The shop’s proximity to ski lifts and trails is by no coincidence. It was actually built around a lift called Stagecoach which is now defunct, but it’s as close to the trailhead as you can get. Because of this, Orange Peel Bikes caters to commuter traffic, trail shredders, and road cyclists in the summer months. In the winter, they are a fatbike dealer and have an extensive rental fleet.

If you look throughout the space, you’ll note little details, like the Moots door hinges, and other quirky details, of which Brock and the employees at Orange Peel have noted as Kent’s wacky but functional engineering.

Yes, Orange Peel Bikes is a staple of Steamboat Springs and is one of the coolest spaces I’ve ever seen in the cycling industry. If you’re in town, be sure to swing through!

Orange Peel Bikes
1136 Yampa St
Steamboat Springs, CO

Monday-Friday 10AM–6PM
Saturday 10AM–5PM
Sunday Closed


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12 responses to “A Slice of Cycling History at Orange Peel Bikes in Steamboat Springs”

  1. Sean Coffey says:

    Looking forward to checking this out along with the SBT x GRVL race in August!

  2. Aaron Best says:

    Stopped here while on our cross country tour for the Ben Weaver music for free show that just so happened to be the same day we rolled into town! Great times! Awesome shop!

  3. ScottMCarlile says:

    Word to the wise… shop rats, be careful about discussing what “girl you banged” the night before while on the retail sales floor (09/14/18). Sometimes those browsing around the store don’t really want to hear about those topics, as the lady who also happened to be shopping at Orange Peel Bikes at the same time I was in there felt (by her disgusted look on her face). I know, I know… but it’s a bike shop, man! Let’s keep it classy, mmmkay? Cool.

    • mat Terwilliger says:

      Gimme a fucking break.I mean to bring this up in a shop review OVER 3 months later is a pretty weak move.If you had stood up for the woman in the shop and said something to the employee at the time then you could feel like you actually did something right Instead of being a keyboard hero.No one likes a snitch.shop rats? Sounds like you are the rat.Have the balls to handle the situation at the present time.

      That being said.This is a very unique shop that is worth going out of your way to visit.

    • donnie says:

      You’re right. They need to be professionals. As do you, which this is just at pathetic as their reported comment. This is far from the place to bring this up.
      Back to what these comments are about. Great shop and post. Well deserved. Everyone, definitely check this place out.

    • mark rothschild says:

      Sorry…Your,”Juicy Lucy”, Blow-Up Doll…Doesn’t count

  4. Kyle Kelley says:

    DAMN! I’m so psyched you got to shoot Orange Peel! Love how wacky that space is!

  5. mark rothschild says:

    My Ex-Neighbor Neil..Yup,that one…Used to Practice in an Old Incinerator on his Ranch in the Santa Cruz Mtns…Ear Plugs Optional

  6. Dan says:

    These guys have always taken great care of us when we roll through. Fantastic space, the folks inside are even better!