SVOLTA is a Handlebar Bag that Transforms into a Backpack Nov 7, 2018

Or is it a backpack that transforms into a handlebar bag? See more of this waterproof, innovative bag at SVOLTA’s Kickstarter.

  • Ale

    Just backed! love the transformation feature!

    • Andrea

      Great! this is what drove the development and made the product work!

  • Gianluca Segato

    Of course I backed!! Love the product, as well as the track record of Sentier. Natural evolution from the previous bag imho

    • Andrea

      You got the point! this is the best companion for the bike trolley we launched last year!! thanks for sharing!

  • Luca Zatta

    Can’t wait to get it…I’m curious how can be performing on both use!

    • Andrea

      Yes, this is our main goal and USP, high performance in any scenario!

  • marco


    • Andrea

      Thank you for supporting us!

  • Fabio

    More than meet the eyes

    • Andrea

      I hope you refer to the bag and not to my friend in the picture…

  • Ken Clark

    I backed this! I use a small handlebar bag and sometimes carry a drawstring bag if I know I’ll be buying stuff (like coffee beans) on my ride. No I’ll have both in one, and the advantage of always having a backpack on my bike just in case. Great idea!

    • Andrea

      Thank you Ken, this is great!! You represented exactly one of my user scenarios!! great to have your support!

  • Massimo Pegoretti

    a backpack that can be attached to the bike ! Comfy, roomy and waterproof, a superb idea, just backed!

    • Andrea

      Thank you for sharing this! Let’s make it happen

  • Luca Frioli

    Just backed! I was looking for a product like that! I was tired of attaching a shoulder strap to my stiff and heavy handlebar bag. From now my life will become easier!

    • Andrea

      awww thanks Luca, You made my day! :-)