2018 Philly Bike Expo: MAP Cycles 650b Disc Rando Bike – Jarrod Bunk

2018 Philly Bike Expo: MAP Cycles 650b Disc Rando Bike
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

Mitch A Pryor of MAP Bicycles, make all of his bikes in Paradise, CA one at a time. Although this bike doesn’t fit into the typical Randonneur Project Mitch took this project.  For me the detail of the tapered bi-lam headtube and just how clean the dynamo wiring is, stopped me in my place which happened to be Rando Alley at the time. 

Mixing the traditional with the non-traditional this build includes a Rodeo Labs Spork, Paul Klamper CP calipers, Rene Herse Cranks, and Campagnolo Centaur checks all of those boxes for a versatile modern rando bike. Mitch made the front rack and stem to compliment this bike and they pair together perfectly.


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  • Jared Jerome


  • Peter Hedman

    Classy bikes, classy guy.

  • YES.

  • Theodor Rzad

    Beautiful work as always, Mitch! I’m curious about the geometry, particularly the fork rake.

    • Froste


      and HT angle.

      • Peter Hedman

        I’m going to hazard a guess at 73 degrees to try and keep that front end in “mid-trail” territory…

        • Mitch Pryor

          Yep, 73 degree HTA so in mid-trail territory although I would love to see a fork like this that would allow for a low-trail front end geo..

          • Nathan Kensley

            seven cycles makes a 55mm rake fork

          • Brian Richard Walbergh

            Crust is at least thinking about one, they had it on the Ti Evasion they were also thinking about. It might have a whole lot of extra clearance, but it looks awesome. Straight steer tube too!!! I would be really interested in trying one out.

      • Brent Kyono

        Would be exciting if it was steeper than 73.5 to dip the toes into less-than-mid-trail. That front center does look rather short for a big bike…

    • Peter Hedman
  • George T Rosselle

    Such understated elegance. I bet it is a joy to ride.

  • I love the modern approach here, compared to Mitch’s 1 1/8″ head tubes.

  • JimmyMcNulty

    Hard to make a spork look classic/classy but this rigs pulls it off for sure.

  • barry mcwilliams


  • Stefan Haverkamp

    Awesome bike! That tapered steerer looks really good on this one.
    And can somebody please come up with cranks that allow for simillar chainring sizes but do not look like they were built in 1952 ;-) ?

    • Theodor Rzad

      Have you checked out the White Industries R30?

    • Brian Richard Walbergh

      IRD Lobo, Sugino makes the XO Series, FSA makes a few now as well (some of questionable quality). For really cheap just find an old 5 arm 94bcd triple and mount 46/30 rings (Veulta makes ramped and pinned ones) on the outside and middle positions and use a narrower BB, might need to grind away the inside mounts a bit but whatever.

      The White Industries are incredible though.

    • Stefan Haverkamp

      5 arm 94bcd is the way I’m going at the moment. Old Shimano XT 737 cranks and 103mm square taper and Specialites TA chainrings.
      I’m hoping for the big two/three players to bring affordable options. Over here in europe (germany) a WI R30 with 46/30 costs about 500€ (~570USD) plus bottom bracket, which is a quite significant investment to be honest (although it is an awesome component).

      But FSA’s Energy modular Crankset is a good start, thanks for the pointer.

    • earle.b

      For anyone looking at the FSA modular cranks, they use the same ring mount as Cannondale Hollowgram. You should be able to use a 94bcd 5 arm Hollowgram spider on the FSA arms.

    • Andrew Demack

      Middleburn? I went with 94bcd spider and TA rings and the R01 cranks for internal bottom bracket. https://www.mountainbikecomponents.co.uk/middleburn/cranks

  • Peter Chesworth

    Compass parts and tyres excellent complement to Mitch’s work.

  • Brian Richard Walbergh

    How is it even possible to have this much yes on one bike?

  • poulagah

    now i believe in miracles,
    someone recognized rims model ?

    • They look like Velocity Blunts but I’m not sure. That’s just a guess.

      • Mitch Pryor

        Thanks John for the coverage!

    • Mitch Pryor

      The rims are 650B Stan’s Arch MkII’s

  • Barry Kyler

    Big fire up in Paradise. Hope MAP Bicycles and all their neighbors are OK!

    • Pretty sure Mitch has moved back to Portland.

    • Ceol Mor

      It’s very grim at the moment. The fire has ripped through Paradise and several other communities in the foothills. It’s now encroaching on the city limits of Chico. I saw an Instagram post from MAP that he safely evacuated the area, but the status of his shop is unknown.

  • Chris Valente

    I’m having difficulty expressing how much I like this bike.

  • DaymanDaryl

    Mitch Pryor (purveyor of MAP) is based in Paradise, CA and was evacuated this week due to the Camp Fires in Butte. Beam good vibes to Mitch and those displaced by fire!

  • JB

    Really an amazing build. So functional yet so pretty!