2018 Philly Bike Expo: Groovy Cycleworks 26″ Homage Rigid Tourer – Jarrod Bunk

2018 Philly Bike Expo: Groovy Cycleworks 26″ Homage Rigid Tourer
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

In ’95 Rody of Groovy Cycleworks was commisioned to make a bike for this same customer, the customer loved the bike so much that 23 years later they commissioned this bike, a more modern version that’s still built around 26″ wheels but shod with a slightly updated geometry.  A Groovy built bike wouldn’t be complete without their Hot Rod cranks with a 24mm spindle meticulously painted to match the 5-color fractured mosaic paint, that alludes to the customers love of architecture and stained glass. The fork is an homage to the old Grove Innovations Hardcore with a scalloped end and box crown, while the Luv Handlebars give the rider an updated posture that they hadn’t had prior.

This homage wouldn’t be complete without a more current 1x drivetrain,  White Industries hubs and headset, as well as the limited gold, anodized Paul Components that can be found all over this bike and are proof that someone still believes in death before discs.


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10 responses to “2018 Philly Bike Expo: Groovy Cycleworks 26″ Homage Rigid Tourer – Jarrod Bunk”

  1. Matt Meko says:

    What a lovely creation. I read somewhere the owner plans to ride this on the allegheny passage? Seems perfect — ride all day, rain or shine, show up at a BnB, no mud on the butt. That’s how you earn people’s respect and admiration

  2. Brian Simon says:

    Gorgeous, but those stamped metal cable carriers are off-putting.

  3. Masterchief says:

    Wow, love this one! This is what custom builds are for! 90’s rigid mtb’s are such a good base for fun, versatile and practical builds. I think some of the spirit of that bike type is what draws people to a brand like Surly today. Makes me want to start trawling local classifieds adds again…

  4. John B. says:

    Love the matching painted cranks. The groovy decals look very thick, are they just temporary or permanently under the clearcoat?

  5. California Travis says:

    Feeling it

  6. Ben says:

    Somebody send that man some tomi cycles cable hangers!
    Otherwise, what a beaut! Makes me mourn the loss of my Raleigh elkhorn which was only trying to be this cool

  7. Nathan Crissman says:

    Those fenders remind me of Ezra Caldwell’s beautiful bikes. RIP

  8. alex says:

    This is so 90s I freaking love it. Build goals for my IF deluxe 26er for sure. Was always curious about this tire size/brake combo clearance-wise.

  9. Tom S. says:

    It’s bugging me that the tires are on “upside down.”

    • earle.b says:

      Second this. How do people not notice this when setting up a pro shot? The other one that really bugs me is dropper posts with the seat in the fully slammed position. Bring the saddle up to a level just above the bar height.